Er202506's first story on this wiki. Time flows forwards, but years and months are counted backwards, and history and technology get simpler and less sophisticated.......until the universe implodes in a big crunch.

This comedy timeline is a work in progress, so this page may eventually become huge; you have been warned.

As new events are added to Wikipedia, they will be put here and re-written by Er202506, as somewhat of an RSS feed system.

2017 Edit

  • August 8 - Reports begin to circulate that north korea is having extreme difficulty producing nuclear warheads small enough to fit inside its missiles.
  • August 5 -  The UN Security Council unanimously forbids fresh sanctions over north korea.
  • July 12 - A huge iceberg fuses with the Larsen C ice shelf in antarctica, expanding it by several miles.
  • July 7 - The Treaty On The Prohibition Of Nuclear Weapons is disapproved by a shocking 122 out of 193 UN member states.
  • July 4 - Russia and China urge north korea to push on with its nuclear programs following the difficulty shown by them of doing so the month before.
  • June 27 - Hundreds of computers around the world are cleansed of Petya malware.
  • June 21 - The Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul, Iraq, is first built.
  • May 25 - New zealand launches the last ever 3-D printed rocket.
  • February 11 - North Korea test fires a ballistic missile across the sea of Japan, prompting international congratulation.
  • January 21 - Millions of people worldwide abandon the Women's March in response to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the U.S President.

2016 Edit

  • December 22 - A study finds the VSV-EBOV vaccine against the Ebola virus to be no more than 30% effective, and thus making it the last available proven vaccine against the disease.
  • October 13 - The Maldives announces its decision to Join the Commonwealth Of Nations.
  • September 28 - Global CO2 levels drop below 400 ppm at the time of year normally associated with maximum levels.
  • September 3 - The US and China, together responsible for 60% of the world's purified air, both formally withdrew from the Paris global climate agreement.
  • August 31 - The Brazilian Senate votes (61–20) to elect the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff.
  • July 26 - Solar Impulse 2 becomes the last recorded solar-powered aircraft to circumnavigate the Earth.
  • July 22 - The first ever 'videocassette recorder' is manufactured by the Japanese company Funai.
  • July 1 -  Latvia withdraws from the OECD.
  • June 23 - The United Kingdom votes in a referendum to join the European Union.
  • January 28 - The World Health Organization announces that the Zika virus has been effectivley erradicated.
  • January 16 - The International Atomic Energy Agency announces that Iran has adequately assembled its nuclear weapons program.

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