A Day With Dan is the fourth episode of the first season of Bailey's World.

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Jonny and Bailey are elated when their favorite YouTuber, DanTDM, is in town for personal appearances and invite him to come meet the others.

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One day, Jonny and Dice were watching Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! in their room while having breakfast.

"This show's great," said Dice, "I bet they'll never stop making Scooby."

Just then, the show was interrupted by the news.

"We interrupt this program to bring you an important bulletin," said the anchorman, "British YouTuber DanTDM will be coming into Starlet City for personal appearances. And now back to our regularly schedule program."

Jonny and Dice were so surprised that Jonyn switched the TV off.

"Did you hear that, Jonny," asked Dice, "DanTDM's coming to town!"

"I know, right," said Jonny, "this is amazing!"

"We have to tell Bailey," said Dice.

"Agreed," said Jonny.

Meanwhile, at the Handler house, Bailey was chillaxing in his room when his mother, Ava Marie, came in.

"Bailey," said Ava Marie, "Jonny's on the phone."

"Sweet," said Bailey, "I'll be right down!"

Bailey then bounded down the stairs and was on the phone in a flash.

"What's the word, Jonny Boy," asked Bailey.

"Dude," said Jonny, "you're not gonna believe this, but DanTDM's in town!"

Bailey was surprised.

"Shut up," said Bailey, "are you serious?!"

"Yup," said Jonny, "Dice and I heard it on the news! He's arriving at the airport today!"

"Sweet," said Bailey, "I'l be ready in a jiffy!"

Bailey then eagerly hung up and dashed into the kitchen to grab his breakfast. He grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, a granola bar from the pantry, and a bottle of apple juice from the fridge and was just about to head out when Ava Marie stopped him.

"Let me guess," said Ava Marie, "going to Jonny's?"

"Yup," said Bailey, "see ya, Mom! Love ya!"

Bailey then kissed his mom on the cheek and bolted out the door as Ava Marie chuckled.

"Teenagers," she said to herself, "always in a rush, they are."

In no time, Bailey had reached Jonny and Dice's apartment, where he also saw Freddie, Henry, and Hudson.

"Hey, guys," said Bailey, "what's the plan?"

"We wanted to wait til you got here to plan anything," said Henry.

"Thanks," said Bailey as he ate his granola bar.

"Anyways," said Freddie, "I think after Bailey's had his breakfast, we'll all drive down to the airport to pick Dan up."

"Sounds like a plan," said Bailey.

Soon, Bailey finished up and the boys got into Freddie's 1965 Ford Econoline and drove off to Colorado Springs Airport, where sure enough, they saw their favorite YouTuber amidst the crowd.

"Dan," Jonny called as he waved his hand, "over here!"

Dan saw Jonny's hand and approached.

"Hey, Dan," said Bailey.

"Hey, guys," said Dan, "it's great to know I have fans here in America!"

"And it's great to meet such a great YouTuber as yourself," said Bailey, "you know, you're the one who inspired me and my friends to form our channel."

"That's great to know," said Dan, "you know, I saw the video you guys made telling the story of how you guys met."

"Cool," said Henry, "what'd you think?"

"I liked it very much," said Dan, "I even showed it to Jemma, and she liked it too."

"Nice," said Jonny, "Anyways, would you like a lift back to our place?"

"That would be nice," said Dan.

With that being said, the boys and Dan got into the van and drove back to the apartment building and back to Jonny and Dice's apartment. When they got inside, Dice got out his phone.

"Pizza, anyone," asked Dice.

"Sure," said Jonny, Bailey, Henry, Hudson, Freddie, and Dan in unison.

While Dice made the call to the local Papa John's, Dan noticed a picture of Jonny and Lynn Loud hanging on the wall.

"Who's that," asked Dan.

"That's Lynn Loud," said Henry, "Jonny's girlfriend."

"Yeah," said Jonny, "I'm in her homeroom at school."

Jonny then told Dan about how the former met Lynn and how they became a couple. As he was finishing up, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," said Bailey.

Bobby then walked inside, with 3 boxes of fresh pizza.

"Thanks, Bobby, " said Bailey as he paid for the pizza.

"No problem," said Bobby.

Just as Bobby turned to leave, he noticed the boys' guest.

"DanTDM," Bobby asked, "is that you?!"

"Indeed it is," said Dan.

"Nice to meet you," said Bobby as he and Dan shook hands, "my little sister loves your channel so much! I even got her a copy of your book for Christmas last year!"

"That's great," said Dan.

As soon as Bobby left, Dan and the others began to eat the pizza. While they ate, they watched The Dark Crystal, which Bailey had rented the day before.

"Man," said Henry, "I've always wanted to see this!"

"Me too," said Jonny.

After the movie ended, they all showed Dan some of their past videos, including the one where they did the Bottle Flip Challenge.

"Nice," said Dan, "I did that once, too."

"Cool," said Henry.

Just then, Jonny heard his phone ring.

"Hello," Jonny said as he answered.

"Hey, Jonny-Boy," said Lynn.

"Oh, hey, Lynn-Sanity," said Jonny, "what's up?"

"Not much," said Lynn, "Wanna come over for dinner? We're having a barbecue over at Steve, Joe, Daphne, and Fred's place tonight. They said I can invite you guys."

"Sure," said Jonny, "We'd love to!"

"OK," said Lynn, "see you then!"

"Who was that," asked Bailey as Jonny hung up.

"That was Lynn," said Jonny, "and she's invited us over to a barbecue at Steve, Joe, Daphne, and Fred's place."

"Alright," said Dice, "let's go!"

With that, they scrambled into the Econoline and drove off to Steve, Joe, Fred, and Daphne's place. On the way, Jonny called Lynn.

"We're on our way, Lynn," said Jonny, "and we have a surprise special guest."

"Cool," said Lynn, "who is it?"

"If I told you," said Jonny, "it wouldn't be a surprise, not would it?"

"Good point," said Lynn.

In no time, they arrived and while Dice went to go chat with the other girls, Jonny, Bailey, Henry, and Freddie stood in front of the side doors.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Henry.

"We have a very special guest with us tonight," said Henry.

"A lot of you might now him already," said Bailey, "as he is one of the most popular YouTubers of all time."

"Please welcome," said Jonny as he opened the door, "DanTDM!"

Dan came out of the van while everyone else cheered.

"I can't believe it," said Lola, "DanTDM!"

"Here in Starlet City," said Lana.

"Thanks for the big welcome," said Dan, "I'm very happy to be here!"

"Well," said Fred as he flipped a burger, "help yourselves! We've got hot dogs, burgers, salad, anything you want!"

With that, the boys got some food and had a good time with Dan.

The End

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