A Year With The Tracys

A Year With The Tracys is a collab story between Moose513 and Thunderbird1InternationalRescue.



One day at Lake Hoohaw, Pinch Raccoon was racing in the go-kart race.

"This is it", the announcer said, "just one more lap left!"

"I'm gonna win this thing", Pinch thought, "I'm gonna win first prize."

Then, she saw the finish line and stepped on the gas, casing her kart to go through the finish line first.

"She's done it", the announcer said, "Pinch has done it, she won first prize!"

Then, Pinch got out of her kart, and got onto the first place platform.

"Thank you", Pinch said, "I'll be here all afternoon."

Then, Mayor Jeff, the mayor of Lake Hoohaw, walked up to them.

"Congratulations you three", Mayor Jeff said, "let's present the prizes."

He turned to Munchy Beaver, who had gotten third.

"For you Munchy", Mayor Jeff said, "you win a customizable skateboard!"

"Alright", Munchy said.

Then, Mayor Jeff turned to Peanut Otter, who had gotten second.

"For you Munchy", Mayor Jeff said, "you get a game guy!"

"Yes", Peanut said.

Then, Mayor Jeff turned to Pinch.

"For you Pinch", Mayor Jeff said, "you get to live in Starlet City with the Tracy Family for an entire year!"

"Oh wow", Pinch said, "I've always wanted to meet the Tracys."

"The train's leaving for Starlet City noon tomorrow", Mayor Jeff said, "so you better be ready, or you might end up walking there."

Then, Pinch's family came up to congratulate her.

"Congratulations Pinch", Wanda said.

"Yes", Walter said, "although, when you met the Tracy brothers, I always imagined I would be there."

"I can't wait", Scootch said, "a long time with you in the big city."

"Scootch", Wanda said, "I'm sorry to say that you can't go."

"Why", Scootch asked.

"Only the go-kart winner can go", Wanda said, "and you didn't win, so only Pinch can go."

But Scootch had a plan to go with her.

"Yes", Scootch said to himself, "I do."

The next day, as Pinch was boarding the train that would take her to the city, Scootch managed to somehow fit himself into one of her suitcases. When the train left, Scootch chuckled to himself quietly. It wasn't long before the train stopped at Winter City Central Station and Pinch disembarked, then realized that one of her suitcases was a bit heavier.

"Huh. That's odd", Pinch thought to herself, "this bag's heavier then when I first brought it to the station. Probably packed too much stuff in it." Her thoughts were soon interrupted when she saw a hefty-looking 25-year-old with brown eyes, jet-black hair, a red and black lumberjack shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots waiting for her by the station.

"Wow", Pinch said, "are you Virgil Tracy?"

"Yes I am", Virgil said, "and I will be taking you to the house."

Pinch passed some of her luggage to Virgil, when a sneeze came out of the one with Scootch in it.

"I think this suitcase has a cold", Virgil said.

Pinch opened up the bag and saw Scootch in it.

"Scootch", Pinch said, "what are you doing here?"

"I didn't want to get left behind in Lake Hoohaw", Scootch said, "I wanted to see the world."

"Just like Thomas the Tank Engine", Pinch thought to herself.

"Well", Virgil said, "he'll have to stay with us."

"Why", Pinch asked.

"The engine doesn't have enough steam", Virgil said, "it can't make it back."

Pinch then glared at Scootch.

"You should be ashamed of yourself", Pinch said, "Mom and dad will be worried sick about you."

"I know," Scootch said with a sigh.

"Well, that's everything", Virgil said after he packed all of Pinch's luggage into the trunk of his green 1952 Thunderbird.

"Nice car," said Pinch.

"Wow", Scootch added, looking into the fender of the car, "it's so shiny! I can even see my reflection in it!"

"Come on you 2", Virgil said with a laugh. He, Scootch, and Pinch then drove from the train station to the Tracy family household, where inside, 25-year-old Gordon Tracy was playing billiards with the youngest, 23-year-old Alan, 26-year-old John was reading a Batman comic and sipping a mug of coffee, the oldest, 27-year-old Scott was making himself a salad, and the father of the 5 Tracy brothers, 61-year-old Jeff, was packing a suitcase. Virgil introduced his brothers to the 2 raccoons as Scootch saw Jeff walking out the door.

"Where's he going?," he asked.

"Dad's going on a bachelor vacation with some of his pals from high school," John replied.

"I hope he has a blast", Pinch said.

"Me too", Virgil said, "anyways, let's show these kids their room."

He led them to a room upstairs.

"Here it is", Virgil said, "the couch folds into a bed, and Pinch will be sleeping on that. And you, Scootch, will be sleeping on the floor."

"Why do I have to sleep on the floor", Scootch asked.

"Because you weren't supposed to be here", Virgil said, "besides, sleeping in the same bed as a girl isn't a good idea."

"Unless", chimed in Alan as he helped Pinch with her luggage, "that girl is your wife."

"True. Very true", Virgil replied.

Scootch set up a sleeping bag and sat in it with his legs crossed and his arms in his lap.

"Check this out," Alan said. He then pressed a button on the wall to reveal a gigantic room with a 50-inch wall-mounted TV, a puppet theater, a box full of toys, and even a miniature bowling alley.

"Wow!", Pinch exclaimed. "That's amazing! Thank you!"

"Glad you like it.", Scott said as he entered the room, carrying a tray of chocolate chip cookies and lemonade.

"Cookies! Alright!", Scootch said, bouncing up and down for joy.


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