Adios, Luna Loud is the nineteenth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


After being publicly humiliated at a concert, Luna decides to give up music, and it's up to Frank and Joey to get her back to doing the thing she loves.


One day at the park, Luna, Lynn, Lola, and Lana were getting ready to perform.

"This is it", Luna said, "our first gig for a crowd of people."

"This is great", Lola said.

Lisa then walked over with a control panel.

"Here's the panel for your equipment", Lisa said.

"Good", Luna said, "just stay backstage and make sure everything works well."

They then heard the crowd cheer.

"That's our cue", Luna said.

They then walked onto the stage.

"Alright, everyone", Luna said, "we're goanna sing a little Ramones tonight."

They then began playing "Rockaway Beach" by the Ramones, and Lisa was monitoring their equipment.

"Looks like everything's okay", Lisa said.

Lisa then accidentally leaned on something that made Luna's voice sound like a chipmunk, making her (Luna) stop singing.

"Stop the music", Luna said.

Lynn and the twins stopped playing, and the audience began laughing.

"They should call this band Luna And The Chipmunks", an audience member said.

Luna then ran away crying, and Lisa walked outside with her control panel.

"Uh, oops", Lisa said.

Luna arrived home and plopped her face in the couch pillows and began crying.

"I'm no good a musician", Luna said.

Frank and Joey then walked over.

"What's wrong", Frank asked.

"Everyone laughed at me at my gig", Luna said, "it was humiliating."

"Maybe it wasn't as bad as you think", Joey said.

"They didn't stop laughing until I left", Luna said, "I think I've lost all self-confidence as a musician."

Joey and Frank looked at each other.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking", Frank asked.

"You bet", Joey said.

They then approached Luna.

"Come on", Frank said, "let's go on a little ride."

They went outside and got into the Pacer, and Frank started the engine.

"Where are we going", Luna asked.

"A trip down memory lane", Frank said.

They pulled out of the driveway and began driving.

"You're perfect as a musician", Joey said, "what you need is to be reminded of it."

They drove over to a guitar store.

"That's where you bought your acoustic guitar", Frank said, "you saved up all your tooth fairy money, allowance, even your Pop-Pop's good girl money just to buy it."

"Yeah", Luna said, "I did."

They then pulled up to a performance center.

"There's where you went to your first rock concert, according to Lori", Joey said.

"Yep", Luna said, "it was a Ramones tribute concert."

They then pulled up to the park, where they saw Leni singing with the band.

"Look at them", Joey said, "they're having a great time."

"Yeah", Luna said, "they're better off without me."

Luna hung her head down, worrying Frank and Joey.

"Luna", Frank said, "you are a talented young woman, you should just embrace it, not give it up just because of one mishap."

Luna then began to feel better.

"You're right", Luna said, "I should."

Luna got out of the Pacer and walked over to the others.

"Hey, Luna", Lynn said, "good to see you back."

"Yeah", Luna said, "I see Leni's part of the band now."

"Yeah", Leni said, "they hired me as a temporary replacement."

"That's great", Luna said, "it's going to be a while before people forget about what happened, but by then, I'm sure I'll be able to perform again."

"Okay", Lynn said, "take as much time off as you need."

Luna then got into the pacer, feeling great to be herself again.

The End


  • Lori, Luan, and Lucy are absent in this episode.

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