~Here it is! The 2nd episode of Fred Rogers Middle School! Sorry I forgot to mention this in Episode 1, but I do not own all characters used in this series. Nor do I own the song by The Easybeats from which I stole the title. Any letters you see in Bold Italics are the narration.~

Story Edit

Our story begins in Mr. Alan's classroom, where he and his 5 students, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Gumball, and Darwin are having social studies class.

Alan: OK class, who can tell me who the 20th President of the United States was?

Scootaloo raises her hand.

Alan: Scootaloo?

Scootaloo: James Garfield.

Alan: Correct. James Abram Garfield was the 20th President of the United States. His term lasted from March 4th, 1881 to his assassination by a frustrated federal job seeker named Charles Julius Guiteau, who was hanged for the crime on June 30, 1882 at the age of 40.

Gumball: Oooh. Ouch. That must've stunk.

Alan: Oh it did.

Just then, Principal Squarepants is heard on the intercom.

Principal Squarepants: Scootaloo Burns, please come to Vice Principal Jeff's office immediately. And don't worry, you're not in trouble. Vice Principal Jeff just wants to see you for a minute.

Scootaloo gets up from her seat and goes to Vice Principal Jeff's office. She walks into the office and takes a seat. She sees the vice principal, a 61-year-old man who is looking at a photo album on his desk.

Scootaloo: Um, excuse me.

Vice Principal Jeff: Oh! Hi there. You must be Scootaloo Burns. We finally meet.

Scootaloo: So, what's going on?

Vice Principal Jeff: I called you down because I wanted to get to know you better. I take it you already know my sons John and Alan.

Scottaloo: Yes I do.

The conversation between Scootaloo and the vice principal continues until it's time for Scootaloo to get to her next class. She arrives in Room 245, which is Virgil Tracy, the school's art teacher, 's class takes place. She walks in as he finishes taking attendance.

Scootaloo: Sorry I'm late, Mr. Virgil! I was called to the office

Virgil: It's OK, Scoots. I understand. Please take your seat.

Scootaloo takes her seat. Then Virgil begins telling the students what will be happening that day.

Virgil: Today, we will be making clay sculptures using air-drying clay.

The students cheer.

Virgil: The only rules are A. make sure your sculpture is of something school appropriate and B. just let your creative sides go wild. After making the sculptures, we'll leave them to dry and when they are dry, we will paint them.

The students cheer again and, after Virgil passes out the clay, begin sculpting while Virgil puts on some music. Scootaloo sculpts a duck, Gumball sculpts a skateboard, Darwin sculpts a fish, Applebloom sculpts an snail, and Sweetie Belle sculpts a flower. In no time, it's time for the students to go to the rest of their classes, then lunch. They then have the rest of their classes then head home. Scootaloo arrives home and finds Steve getting ready to go to work and Joe reading a book.

Joe: Hey Scoots!

Steve: Hey Scoots. How was your day.

Scootaloo: Good. *goes to change into her after school clothes*

Meanwhile at the Watterson house, Gumball and Darwin arrive home and have some nachos and dip for a snack while watching Star Wars Rebels.

Gumball: I can't wait to go to Scoots' place!

Darwin: Me neither!

Pretty soon, it's time for the boys to go to Scootaloo's house. Mr. Watterson drops the boys off and they go inside, where they find Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetie Belle waiting for them in Scootaloo's room. Scootaloo is wearing a yellow t-shirt and her favorite tan shorts, Applebloom is wearing a green t-shirt with blue denim shorts, and Sweetie Belle is wearing a lavender sleeveless top and a dark lavender skirt. All 3 girls are barefoot.

Scootaloo: Hey guys! Glad you could join!

Gumball: So are we!

The boys make themselves at home as Joe enters.

Joe: OK kids, remember: Lights-out at 10:30. I'll be next-door with Frank and Joey if you need me. Scoots, Uncle Steve is at work, and in case you get hungry, I left some money on the kitchen counter, so you can order yourselves some pizza.

Scoots and Co.: OK!

Joe: OK. Now remember, I'll just be next door. As I mentioned, lights-out at 10:30.

Scootaloo: Got it!

Joe: OK. I'll be back later. *leaves*

With that being said, Joe leaves.

Scootaloo: So, what should we do first?

Gumball: Mr. Alan lent me this. *holds up a video tape* It's a Clay-mation video John and Scott made when they were kids.

Applebloom: How were ya able to obtain that?

Gumball: Mr. Alan says that he found it in a locked trunk under the driver seat on John's bus. He swiped it during lunch while John wasn't looking. And somehow he was able to the the combination to the lock on the trunk.

Sweetie Belle: Oooooh!

The girls giggle upon hearing this. Before they watch the film, they order a large cheese pizza with a bottle of root beer and cheese-bread. They watch the first part of the film while they wait for the pizza. The pizza arrives soon after and they resume the film while eating the pizza.


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