Apple Bloom is one of the main protagonists for The David Cassidy Elementary Kids.


Full Name: Sadie "Apple Bloom" Mia Smith

Also Known As: AB 
Apple Bloom

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 12, 2008

Age: 10

Relatives: Joe Smith (father; deceased), Amelia Smith (mother; deceased), Wilma Smith (paternal grandmother) Macintosh Smith (older brother), Applejack Smith (older sister), Russell Clay (love interest)

Hair Color: Crimson

Eye Color: Orange

Skin Color: Pale Yellow-Green


Apple Bloom always wears a magenta bow in her hair, a light green t-shirt, denim shorts, a brown leather belt with a brass buckle, and light orange boots.


  • Apple Bloom shares her birthday with English singer and musician Steve Winwood, best known for his work with English rock bands The Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith, and Traffic, as well as a successful solo career
  • Her parents died when their plane crashed while they were on their way home from a vacation in Greece when she was six, leaving her and her siblings to be raised by their grandmother.
  • Like her sister and her friend Scootaloo, she likes to take off her boots and be barefoot in the summer. 
  • She's a fan of country music, specifically artists such as Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, and Johnny Cash
  • She was very close to her mother, and usually gets upset when someone mentions her.