Applejack is one of the main protagonists for Adventures With The Grasshoppers.


Full Name: Melanie "Applejack" Ellen Smith 

Also Known As: AJ

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Birthday: November 8, 2002

Age: 15

Relatives: Joe Smith (father; deceased), Amelia Smith (mother; deceased), Wilma Smith (paternal grandmother) Macintosh Smith (older brother), Apple Bloom Smith (younger sister)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Light Green

Skin Color: Light Amber


Applejack always wears a tan hat, a green and white t-shirt, a blue denim skirt, a brown leather belt with a red buckle shaped like an apple, a red hair tie, and brown cowboy boots with a pattern of apples arranged in a triangular form on them.


  • Applejack shares her birthday with British YouTube personality DanTDM (real name Dan Middleton)
  • Her mother died giving birth to Apple Bloom, then her father died in a plane crash on his way home from a business trip in France, leaving her and her siblings to be raised by their grandmother
  • Like Scootaloo, she likes to take off her boots and be barefoot in the summer
  • Despite her figure, she is very strong
  • Being raised in the countryside, she loves to listen to country music starts such as Buck Owens, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, and Lonestar 
  • In Season 2, she starts wearing a dark red jacket, a white and lime t-shirt, dark purple skinny pants, an orange skirt with apples on it, a dark purple belt with a green buckle, and short-top versions of her boots


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