~Arthur is a supporting protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Arthur The Large Tank Engine


Also Known As: Artie, Mister Arthur (by Toad)

Species: Steam Engine

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Relatives: H.G. Ivatt (designer), Crewe Works (builder)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey

Appearance Edit

Arthur is a large burgundy tank engine with burgundy paint with yellow lining and the letters "L", "M", and "S" on his sides.

Trivia Edit

  • Arthur's favorite bands are Europe, ABBA, and The Rolling Stones
  • He is also a fan of 60's sibling pop duo The Carpenters
  • He has never been in a single accident, which gives him what he calls a "spotless record". However, it was ruined when he crashed

Gallery Edit

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