Benny is the tritagonist of Chuggie & Pals.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Benny The Little Blue Locomotive 

Also Known As: Ben

Species: Steam Engine

Gender: Male

Birthday: August 30, 2007

Age: 10

Relatives: Butch Cassidy (owner), Larry Anderson (engineer)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Blue

Appearance Edit

Benny is a blue 2-4-4 narrow gauge tank engine with his name and the number "45" on his sides. He also has a light blue nose, wheels, pistons, and cowcatcher.

Trivia Edit

  • Benny shares his birthday with American teen actor Grant Palmer, best known for being the first voice actor for Lincoln Loud in The Loud House before leaving the show after episode 22 due to puberty
  • Being one of the quietest engines on the railway, he mostly keeps to himself and can often be found listening to Mozart while reading Peanuts comic books
  • He has a keen interest in bird watching, and mostly spends his free time looking for rare birds.
  • He is based off of the Disneyland Railway's #3, nicknamed "Fred Gurley", who is also his real-life counterpart
  • Like all the engines on the Piperville Railroad, he has a set of coaches in his colors that he uses for passenger excursions

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