~Blue is the deuteragonist for Holly & Blue.~

Bio Edit

Name: Blue

Also Known As: Sweetie


Species: Dog

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 19, 2011

Age: 5

Relatives: Steve Sr., Olivia, Steve, Joe, and Holly Burns (owners)

Hair Color: 2 shades of blue

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Skin Color: Dark Blue

Appearance Edit

She doesn't wear clothes.

Trivia Edit

  • Blue shares her birthday with German-born American actor Bruce Willis
  • She is the only dog in the world with blue fur, the result of an extremely rare genetic disorder
  • She also was born with a rare speaking disorder that enables her to speak plain English even though she's a dog
  • She has a stuffed dog named Polka Dots that she sleeps with in her bed in Holly's room

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