Breaking Lori is the twenty-second and final episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Joey breaks up with Lori due to her treating her sisters like dirt the night of their one-year anniversary, and Frank and the other Loud sisters make it their mission to try and get the two back together.


One day, Lori was getting ready for her and Joey's one-year anniversary.

"This is goanna be great", Lori said, "a whole year of me and Joey."

Leni then walked inside with a blue dress.

"Do you like my dress", Leni asked, "I'm wearing it to my date with Freddie."

"I do", Lori said, "it's perfect."

Lori snatched the dress.

"Hey, what's the big idea", Leni asked.

"I'm wearing this dress tonight", Lori said.

"But I need it", Leni said.

"I'm sorry", Lori said, "is your date to celebrate a year of dating?"

"No", Leni said.

"Then it's not important", Lori said.

Lori walked away, and heard Luna playing her guitar loudly.

"Luna", Lori said, "keep it down!"

Luna didn't hear, and continued to play loudly.

"That's it", Lori said.

Lori went inside Luna's room, put some headphones on her (Luna), turned her amp up to full blast, and played a riff on her guitar that was so loud, she went deaf.

"I need to get ready for tonight, and your noise is a distraction", Lori said.

Luan then entered the room.

"Yeah", Luan said, "Lori has been dating this moment her entire life."

Lori groaned.

"This is the datest night of her life", Luan said.

Lori groaned again.

"It must've been date that she and Joey fell in love", Luan said.

"Ha ha ha", Lori said, "do you want to know what I think of your jokes?"

A loud ruckus was heard, and Luan ran away, covering her eyes.

"And that's what I think of your jokes", Lori said.

Lori walked away, and a tennis ball from Lynn's tennis ball launcher hit one of Lori's black high heels, breaking the heel off.

"Lynn", Lori said.

Lori walked over to Lynn.

"Do you have any idea what you just did", Lori asked.

"Sorry", Lynn said, "I must've blinked."

"Well this'll teach you to keep your eyes open", Lori said.

Lori dropped the broken piece into the machine, and tennis balls flew everywhere, with one hitting Lynn in the eye.

"Ow", Lynn said.

Lori walked away, and found Lucy.

"Lori", Lucy said, "what rhymes with twister?"

"Mister", Lori said.

"I already have that", Lucy said.

"Blister", Lori said.

"Already have that too", Lucy said.

"How about annoying, irritating, pest Goth sister", Lori said.

Lucy began to cry.

"I don't have that", Lucy said.

Lori walked away, and saw Lola and Lana fighting.

"She got mud in my makeup", Lola said.

"She got makeup in my mud", Lana said.

Lori picked the two up, tossed them into their room, and locked the door.

"You two aren't coming out until you learn to get along", Lori said.

Lori then hear an explosion come from Lisa's room.

"Maybe I should've used a little less acid", Lucy said.

Lori took the chemicals away from Lisa.

"No more chemicals until you learn to use them properly", Lori said.

"No", Lisa said, "it took me months to convince the government to give me those chemicals, they won't give me any more."

Lori went to her room to put her dress on and change her shoes.

"This family is just so exasperating", Lori said.

Lori went downstairs, and found Joey standing there with his arms crossed.

"Good, you're ready", Lori said, "I'll drive."

"We're not going anywhere", Joey said.

"Okay, you can drive", Lori said, "I don't mind."

"I mean we're not going on our date tonight", Joey said.

"What", Lori asked, "why?"

"I heard everything", Joey said, "you were treating your sisters like yesterday's garbage."

"What's your point", Lori asked.

"My point is, I don't want to date someone who treats her sisters like dirt", Joey said, "we're done."

Lori then walked into her room and plopped onto her bed.

"I've been dumped", Lori said.

The next day, Frank was watching TV with Lana.

"You know, I don't get it", Lana said, "if Lori broke up with Joey, then why are you and him still here?"

"We're good friends with you girls", Frank said, "just because Joey dumped Lori, doesn't mean we can't be friends."

Leni then walked over.

"Bad news, guys", Leni said, "Lori's gone nuts."

"How", Frank asked.

"She's wearing your old tracksuit and crying her eyes out while eating Neapolitan ice cream out of the carton", Leni said.

"That's terrible", Lana said.

"I know", Leni said, "we have to get them back together, or she may be sad and miserable forever."

"You're right", Frank said, "I'll go talk to them."

Frank went into his and Joey's room, and saw the latter playing on his Rickenbacker 330/12.

"Hey, Joey", Frank said, "those are some sweet chords."

"What do you want", Joey asked.

"I just think you should get back together with Lori", Frank said.

"Why", Joey asked.

"I don't know", Frank said, "she's nice, sweet, all the qualities in a good girlfriend."

"Not buying it", Joey said.

"Come on", Frank said, "what'll it take to get back together with Lori?"

"If she shows me that she's sorry, then I'll consider making up with her", Joey said.

"Done", Frank said, "and I promise, if it doesn't satisfy you, you don't have to get back together, no matter what."

Later, Frank went into Lori's room, and saw that she had smeared mascara and was wearing his old tracksuit.

"Are you okay", Frank asked.

"My boyfriend dumped me, how do you think I'm doing", Lori asked.

"I know what will make you feel better", Frank said.

"Unless it's another carton of Neapolitan ice cream or that you've come to tell me that Joey wants me back, I don't care", Lori said.

"Joey says he'll take you back if you show him that you're sorry for treating your sisters like dirt", Frank said.

"Okay", Lori said, "I'll make him a card."

"You'll need to think bigger than that", Frank said, "a cake."

"Really", Lori asked.

"Yeah", Frank said, "Joey's a sucker for cake."

"It's done, then", Lori said, "let's go bake a cake."

"Great", Frank said, "I'll ask Steve, Joe, and Fred to pick up some ice cream to go with the cake while they're out grocery shopping."

Lori got out all the ingredients to make chocolate cake.

"Here we go", Lori said, "let's bake this cake."

But Lori couldn't get it right, and messed up.

"I'll never do this", Lori said.

Then, Leni came in with the other sisters.

"That's it", Lori said.

Lori walked over to them.

"Girls", Lori said, "I'm baking this cake for Joey to try and get him back, but I can't make it, so I need your help."

"No thanks, we're good", Leni said.

They walked upstairs.

"Wait", Lori said, "I'm sorry about the other night, just please help me!"

They stopped in their trails.

"We'll do it", Leni said, "just say that again."

"Alright", Lori said, "I'm sorry."

"Let's go", Lynn said.

They spent hours baking the cake, until it was ready.

"Done", Lori said, "and just in time."

Frank walked a blindfolded Joey into the room.

"This better be good", Joey said, "or I just wasted valuable practice time."

"Right here", Frank said.

Joey took the blindfold off and saw a chocolate cake with white chocolate icing shaped into a heart that said "I'm Sorry" with a frowny face on it.

"Wow", Joey said, "chocolate cake."

"And here's some ice cream to go with it", Frank said.

"So", Lori said, "do you forgive me?"

"How could I stay mad at you after you did this", Joey asked, "I'd be happy to be your boyfriend again."

They leaned in for a kiss, when Lana jumped in between them.

"Who wants a piece of cake", Lana asked.

They sat down to eat some cake and ice cream.

The End

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