Brick is one of the main antagonists of The David Cassidy Elementary Kids.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Benjamin "Brick" Arthur Tomlinson 

Also Known As: Bully Brother #1

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: February 7, 2007

Age: 11

Relatives: Deacon Tomlinson (father), Gladys Tomlinson (mother; deceased), Boomer Mantle (best friend), Butch Stone (best friend)

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Red

Skin Color: Fair

Appearance Edit

Brick always wears a red cap, a red, black, white and gold jacket, with a collar that covers his neck and is fastened with a strap, black pants with zippers just above his knees, and shoes that match his jacket and have wheels.

Trivia Edit

  • Brick shares his birthday with Irish YouTube personality Sean William McLoughlin, better known by his online pseudonym "jacksepticeye".
  • His mother died of blood poisoning when he was eight, placing him in his father's care.
  • He and Butch live with Boomer in a boarding house owned by Boomer's father.