~Bright Eyes is the main protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~


Full Name: Nancy "Bright Eyes" Edna Clarkson-Spott

Bright Eyes

Also Known As: Sweetie

Species: Dog

Gender: Female

Birthday: December 13, 2010

Age: 6

Relatives: Carmen Spott nee-Clarkson (mother), Daniel Clarkson (father, deceased), Greg Spott (stepfather) Doki Spott (older stepbrother), Tina Spott (older stepsister), Cooler Spott (adoptive uncle), Simon Spott (adoptive grandfather), Sally Bollywood (foster sister)

Hair Color: Orange (cream fur)

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Peach


Bright Eyes always wears light-blue shirt with white cuffs, a blue skirt, a red dog collar, and a blue bow in her hair. She doesn't wear shoes except for when she wears a pair of blue boots in the winter.


  • Bright Eyes shares her birthday with British YouTube personality Stampylonghead (real name Joseph Garret), whose videos are mainly aimed for children aged 6-14
  • Her dad died of throat cancer when she was 5, leaving her with only her mother until the latter married Doki's father
  • She LOVES hanging out with the engines on weekends and in the after-school hours
  • She has a passion for art and loves to paint
  • Her pajamas consist of a pastel blue nightgown with a white bone pattern