Bright Eyes & The Narrow Gauge Engines is the second episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

James, Edward, and Thomas take Bright Eyes to meet Winter City's narrow gauge engines.

Story Edit

One day, Bright Eyes and Doki were watching H.R. Pufnstuf on TV.

"Wow," said Bright Eyes, "this show's so cool!"

"I know," said Doki, "Dad grew up with it."

Then, they heard someone knocking at the door.

"I'll get it," said Doki.

Doki went to the door and saw that it was James, Edward, and Thomas.

"Hey, dudes," said Doki.

"Hey, Doki," said James,

"Is Bright Eyes ready," asked Thomas.

"Yup," said Bright Eyes.

"Wait a minute," said Doki, "Mom and Dad are still asleep."

"Maybe we should leave them a note," said Bright Eyes.

"Agreed," said Doki.

Doki grabbed a sheet of paper and a pencil and wrote a note telling his and Bright Eyes' parents where they were. When they was done, he left the note on the coffee table. Then he and Bright Eyes climbed into James' cab and they set off. On the way, they saw a small green engine with the number "6" on its sides pulling a train of mail cars.

"Who's that," asked Bright Eyes.

"That's Percy," said Edward, "he loves pulling the mail train."

"It's his favorite job," added Thomas.

"Cool," said Bright Eyes.

Soon, they arrived at the narrow gauge railway, where Bright Eyes saw 3 little engines, one diesel and 2 steamies. One of the steam engines was crimson in color with the name "Skarloey" and the number "1" on its sides. The other steam engine was vermilion in color with the name "Rheneas" and the number "2" on its sides. The diesel was orange in color and had the name "Rusty" and the number "5" on its sides. The crimson engine was watching Bear In The Big Blue House on TV while the vermilion engine and the orange engine were playing Super Mario Bros. on a Wii U.

"Who're those guys," asked Bright Eyes.

"Those are some of the narrow gauge engines," said Edward.

"Those 3 in particular are Skarloey, the youngest of the bunch," said Thomas, "his big brother Rheneas, and their friend Rusty, the only narrow gauge diesel engine on this railway."

"Interesting," said Bright Eyes.

Just then, Bright Eyes heard the "Game Over" sound on the game, which upset Rheneas.

"Oh no," said Rheneas, "No! No no no no no no!"

"Oh," said Rusty, "you almost had him!"

"I'm never gonna defeat Bowser," Rheneas said sadly.

"Sure you will, Rheneas," said Rusty, "in fact, you're a better Mario than I am."

"Yeah," chimed in Edward, "keep practicing and you'll be able to defeat Bowser soon enough."

It was then that Skarloey, Rheneas, and Rusty noticed their guests.

"Hey guys," said Rusty.

"Who's your friend," asked Rheneas.

"This is Bright Eyes," said Thomas, "she's Doki's stepsister. Her mom married his dad."

"Cool," said Rusty.

Bright Eyes then went to Skarloey.

"Hi Skarloey," she said.

But Skarloey then raced to his room and shut the door.

"What did I do," asked Bright Eyes.

"Don't mind him," said Rheneas, "he's just shy."

"He always does this when he meets someone new," said Rusty.

"I see," said Bright Eyes, "is there anything I could do to help?"

"Probably give him time is what I'd suggest," said Edward.

"OK," said Bright Eyes.

All of a sudden, Bright Eyes heard someone yell "Boo!", which caused her to jump into Doki's arms.

"What was that," asked Bright Eyes.

"Gotcha," said a voice.

Bright Eyes looked and saw a blue narrow gauge steam engine with the name "Sir Handel" and the number "3" on its sides taking off a scary clown mask. He was accompanied by 2 saddle-tank engines, one with the name "Bill" on its sides and the other with the name "Ben" on its sides.

"Of course," said James in an annoyed tone, "It HAD to be them."

"Who are those guys," asked Bright Eyes.

"Well, the blue guy's Sir Handel," said Rusty, "our resident prankster."

"The saddle-tanks are Bill and Ben," added Rheneas, "they're Sir Handel's hench-engines."

"Man," said Sir Handel, "you should've seen the look on your face!"

"That wasn't funny, dude," said James, "you could've given her a heart attack!"

"Yeah," said Bright Eyes, "in fact, you almost made me pee myself!"

"But we were only having fun," said Bill.

"Yeah," said Ben, "can't you take a joke?"

"It didn't look like fun to me," said Edward, "Plus, where did you get those masks?"

"We got them at Wally's," said Bill, "they were left over from his Halloween 50% Off Clearance Sale."

"I see," said Edward.

Edward then took out his wallet and gave the troublesome trio $20.

"Here," said Edward, "go buy yourselves some burgers or something."

Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben took the money and ran off for Totally 60's.

"And if I hear you causing trouble again," added Edward, "I'm telling both Ernie and Duke."

Sir Handel just stuck his tongue out at Edward and blew a raspberry.

"Don't you give me that look," said Edward, "you are gonna get it!"

As soon as Sir Handel, Bill, and Ben were outta sight, Bright Eyes got out of Doki's arms.

"Who's Duke," asked Bright Eyes.

"He's the oldest of the narrow gauge engines," explained Rusty, "He's the primary source of authority around here."

"And whenever he's not around," said Rheneas, "that's when Edward comes into play."

"My big bro is the only one who can handle those rascals," said Thomas.

"Indeed I am," said Edward.

Just then, Bright Eyes heard some classical music.

"Is that Mozart," asked Bright Eyes.

"Sounds like it," said Thomas.

"I better check it out," said Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes followed the music to a room in which she saw a small green engine with the name "Peter Sam" and the number "4" on its sides working away painting a picture on a canvas perched on an easel along with numerous paintings, drawings, sculptures, pottery pieces, and bas-reliefs.

"Wow," thought Bright Eyes, "he's good!"

The engine finished his painting, cleaned his palette and brushes, and was about to set his painting to dry when he noticed Bright Eyes.

"Oh, hello," said the engine, "I'm Peter Sam. What's your name?"

"Bright Eyes," said Bright Eyes.

"Nice name," said Peter Sam.

"Thank you," said Bright Eyes, "I really like your art."

"Oh thanks," said Peter Sam, "I'm very committed to the arts."

Just then, Bright Eyes saw a photo of a man with an afro and an easel hanging on Peter Sam's wall.

"Who's that," asked Bright Eyes.

"That's Bob Ross," explained Peter Sam, "he's the man who inspired me to become an artist. I sometimes watch VHS tapes of his show on TV while I paint. He has a very soothing voice that keeps me motivated."

"Wow," said Bright Eyes, "you must really idolize him."

"Indeed," said Peter Sam, "I also like to publicly display my paintings so everyone can see them."

"Cool," said Bright Eyes.

Just then, a yellow engine with the name "Duncan" and the number "6" on its sides came in, wearing a paintball mask and paintball armor, both of which were stained with blotches of yellow.

"Who's that," asked Bright Eyes.

"That's Duncan," said Peter Sam.

"What happened to him," asked Bright Eyes.

"Once in a while," explained Rusty, "he and his buddies get together and have a paintball battle."

"Yeah," said Duncan as he took off his mask, "and we have a good time doing it."

"Um, Duncan," asked Peter Sam.

"Yeah," replied Duncan as he took a bottle of Powerade from the fridge.

"Aren't you gonna say something to Bright Eyes," asked Rusty.

"Oh, where are my manners," said Duncan, "Hello, Bright Eyes. Welcome to Winter City!"

"Thanks," giggled Bright Eyes.

"Hey Bright Eyes," said Peter Sam, "wanna make a painting?"

"Sure," said Bright Eyes.

With that, Peter Sam filled a cup with water and got Bright Eyes a watercolor brush, a palette of watercolor paints, and a sheet of watercolor paper.

"Thanks," said Bright Eyes.

"No problem," said Peter Sam.

Bright Eyes got to work and was soon finished with a beautiful painting of a pink tulip.

"Nice," said Peter Sam.

"Thanks," said Bright Eyes, "I wanna give it to my mom when it dries."

"Leave that to me," said Peter Sam, "I'll let it dry and mail it to your house when it dries."

"OK," said Bright Eyes.

Just then, Bright Eyes smelled something.

"What's that," she asked.

"I can answer that," said Edward as he took some homemade butter cookies from the oven.

"Yum," said Bright Eyes.

Just then, Skarloey burst into the scene. He had smelled the cookies and wanted some.

"May I have some cookies, please," asked Skarloey.

"Yes you may," said Edward as he gave Skarloey 3 cookies.

"May I have some to," asked Bright Eyes.

"Of course," said Edward as he gave Bright Eyes the same number.

Skarloey then turned his attention to Bright Eyes.

"Hi," said Skarloey.

"Hey there," said Bright Eyes, "you must be Skarloey."

"I am," said Skarloey, "sorry I didn't greet you earlier."

"It's OK," said Bright Eyes, "I understand."

Soon, it was time for Bright Eyes and Doki to go home, so they climbed aboard James' cab and set off for home.

"That was fun," said Bright Eyes, "I can't wait to see them again!"


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