Build It Good is the first episode of the first season of Life With Doki.


Young Doki Spott and his best friends Gabi Allen, her dog Chase, Anabella McPherson, Oto Standish, and Fico Hudson decide to build a treehouse in Doki's backyard to serve as their main hangout spot.


One Friday afternoon at John McIndoe Elementary School, Doki Spott and his four best friends, Gabi Allen, Anabella McPherson, Fico Hudson, and Oto Standish were in Mrs. Johnson's 1st grade class.

"So", Mrs. Johnson said, "who can tell me what friction is."

Anabella raised her hand.

"Anabella", Mrs. Johnson said.

"Friction is a result of two surfaces rubbing together", Anabella said.

"Correct", Mrs. Johnson said.

Then, the bell rang.

"Well, that's it", Mrs. Johnson said, "see you all next weekend."

The five friends left, and found Gabi's pet German Shepherd, Chase, waiting for them.

"Come on, Chase", Gabi said, "let's head home."

The six friends walked away, and Doki decided to tell them something.

"Guys", Doki said, "this weekend, we're going to get to work on this."

he then unrolled some blueprints to reveal a treehouse.

"Woah", Oto said.

"This treehouse will serve as our main hangout", Doki said, "once it's built, we won't have to change hangouts anymore."

"That'll be a relief", Fico said.

"Yeah, I'm getting tired of changing the place we hang out at every week", Gabi said.

"Great", Doki said, "now, I'm goanna head home and show these plans to my parents."

"Great", Gabi said.

Doki went into his house, and found his stepmother, Carmen, making grilled cheeses for dinner, his dad, Greg, reading a book, and his stepsister, Bright Eyes, playing a game with Sally Bollywood, a young Indian girl who was put in their custody after her biological parents were arrested for abusing her.

"Hey, Dad", Doki said, "can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure son, what's up", Greg asked.

Doki showed him the blueprints of the treehouse.

"I'd like to build this treehouse", Doki said, "I know it may look a little complicated, but me and my friends want a place to hang out."

"Well, I can certainly do that", Greg said, "I could get your Uncle Cooler to help out."

"Really", Doki asked, "thanks, Dad."

"No problem, son", Greg said, "now go wash up for dinner."

The next day, Doki and his friends went to the backyard with Greg and found Cooler there, along with two other women.

"Hey, Uncle Cooler", Doki said.

"Hey, Doki", Cooler said, "I'd like you to meet Debbie."

One of the women, a young one who was about 19 years old with brown hair and blue eyes who wore a white t-shirt, a two-toned blue jacket, white pants, and blue boots, walked up.

"This is Debbie Ross", Cooler said, "she and her mom will be helping us with the treehouse."

"Nice to meet you", Doki said.

"You too", Debbie said.

"Now, let's head over to the lumber yard to pick up the wood", Cooler said.

"Okay", Doki said.

Doki, Oto, and Fico rode to the lumber yard with Cooler in his pickup truck, and found Thomas the Tank Engine, Stanley the Silver Engine, and Ryan the Purple Tank Engine there with flatbeds of wood.

"Here you go", Thomas said, "lumber for the treehouse."

"Fresh from the forest", Stanley said.

"Great", Cooler said, "let's get this wood loaded into the truck and head back."

They loaded the lumber into Cooler's truck, and drove back to the Spott residence.

"We're back", Cooler said.

"Great", Greg said, "let's get to work."

Doki, Gabi, Anabella, Fico, Oto, Chase, Greg, Cooler, Debbie, and Mrs. Ross worked hard on building the treehouse, while Carmen, Bright Eyes, and Sally watched from lawn chairs wearing sunglasses and drinking lemonade.

"This is almost as fun as watching rednecks drive around in circles", Sally said.

"You said it, Sal", Bright Eyes said.

Soon, at the end of the day, the treehouse was finished.

"It's perfect", Doki said, "thanks everyone."

"No problem, sport", Greg said.

They then looked inside.

"It's not much now", Doki said, "but I'm sure after a little redecorating, it'll be the perfect hangout spot."

"You bet", Gabi said.

"Hey", Chase said, "I just had an idea."

"What", Doki asked.

"Let's spend the night here", Chase said, "you know, to try it out."

"Good idea", Doki said, "I'll get my sleeping bag."

Later that night, the six friends got in their sleeping bags and lied down.

"This sure is some treehouse", Anabella said.

"Yeah", Gabi said, "the perfect place for us to spend life with Doki."

Doki smiled and he and the others went to bed.

The End

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