Butch The Substitute is the sixth episode of the first season of We're Just Kids.


When Kitty Jo takes a mandatory day off, Butch decides to take her place in the classroom that day and teach the kids.


One afternoon, Kitty Jo was teaching her class.

"Now", Kitty Jo said, "who can give me an example of a conductor?"

Shine raised her hand.

"Yes, Shine", Kitty Jo said.

"Mozart", Shine said.

Kitty Jo face palmed and the bell rang.

"Don't forget to do your homework", Kitty Jo said.

Kitty Jo walked away and Iroh saw her.

"Whoa, JoAnn", Iroh said, "you look plain awful."

"I am", Kitty Jo said, "I've been working so hard lately."

"I see", Iroh said, "well, tomorrow is your lucky day."

"How come", Kitty Jo asked.

"You're going to be taking a mandatory day off", Iroh said, "instead of grading papers in the classroom, you can just not go to school and do whatever you want, no questions asked."

"But who will replace me", Kitty Jo asked.

"I think I know a guy", Iroh said.

Later that night, Iroh was at the grocery store, when he saw Butch.

"Ah, Mr. Cassidy", Iroh said, "just the man I wanted to see."

"Hello there, Mr. Iroh", Butch said, "what can I do for you?"

"Tomorrow, Miss JoAnn Bridges is taking the day off, and I want you to substitute for her", Iroh said.

"Why me", Butch asked.

"Because you've had experience with her students", Iroh said, "plus, you're sort of a member of the school's faculty, since you manage that after-school program."

"Good point", Butch said, "I'll do it."

"Great", Iroh said, "I'll see you tomorrow."

The next day, the kids arrived and waited for Kitty Jo.

"I wonder where Miss Bridges is", Tracker said.

"Running late most likely", Molly said.

Then, Butch came inside.

"Morning, kids", Butch said.

"Butch", Nonny asked, "what are you doing here?"

"Miss Bridges is taking the day off", Butch said, "so I volunteered to take her place."

"Okay", Deema said, "what are we going to do first?"

"Well, according to the schedule, you have a United States Presidents test on Friday", Butch said, "so we're going to review with a little game I like to call Questions For Candy."

"How does it work", Blaze asked.

"Well, Blaze", Butch said, "I'll ask a question, and if you answer it correctly, you get a piece of candy."

Butch then got out a bucket of candy.

"Now", Butch said, "who's ready to play?"

The others cheered.

"Alright then", Butch said, "who can tell me which presidents were assassinated successfully."

Deema then raised her hand.

"Deema", Butch said.

"Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy", Deema said.

"Correct", Butch said.

Deema then reached in the bucket and pulled out a bag of skittles.

"I love me some skittles", Deema said.

"Moving on", Butch said, "who was the first Democratic president?"

Tracker raised his hand.

"Tracker", Butch said.

"Andrew Johnson", Tracker said.

"Close", Butch said, "it was Andrew Jackson."

"Oh", Tracker said.

"Next question", Butch said, "what president was in office two times?"

Nonny then raised his hand.

"Nonny", Butch said.

"Grover Cleveland", Nonny said, "he was the 22nd and 24th president."

"Correct", Butch said.

Nonny reached in the bucket and pulled out a green apple jolly rancher.

"I love green apple", Nonny said.

"Now then", Butch said, "who was the first president to have been in the military before being elected office?"

Blaze then raised his wheel.

"Blaze", Butch said.

"Zachary Taylor", Blaze said.

"Correct", Butch said.

Blaze reached in the bucket and pulled out a milky way bar.

"I'll eat this during recess", Blaze said.

"Okay", Butch said, "who can tell me the most recent former president death?"

Shimmer then raised her hand.

"Shimmer", Butch said.

"Gerald R. Ford", Shimmer said.

"Correct", Butch said.

Shimmer reached in the bucket and pulled out a bag of M&M's.

"You and I can share this, Shine", Shimmer said.

Then, the bell rang.

"Time for lunch", Butch said.

In the cafeteria, the kids were eating lunch.

"I can't believe Butch is our teacher for the day", Tracker said.

"Me neither", Molly said.

"I think it's nice having him as a teacher", Nonny said, "he's been good to us for some time."

"Agreed", Shimmer and Shine said.

Then, the bell rang.

"Time for recess", Tracker said.

Outside, Butch was in charge of monitoring the playground.

"Looks like all's well", Butch said.

Then, he saw Tracker, Blaze, and Nonny playing football, but the latter didn't throw the ball very far.

"I should probably give them a few pointers", Butch said.

Butch walked over to them.

"Hey, Nonny", Butch said, "tossing the old pigskin around I see?"

"Yeah", Nonny said, "I'm not very good, though."

"Well maybe I can show you how it's done", Butch said.

Butch then threw the football a long distance, and Tracker caught it.

"Wow", Nonny said.

"Now you try", Butch said.

Nonny threw the ball, and Tracker caught it.

"Nice throw, amigo", Tracker said.

"Thanks", Nonny said.

Then, the bell rang.

"Time to get back to class", Butch said.

Butch and the kids then went back to the classroom.

"Okay, class", Butch said, "it's time for a free reading period, so take out your books."

Shimmer and Shine took out the sixth book in the "Captain Underpants" series by Dav Pilkey titled "Captain Underpants and the Big Bad Battle of the Bionic Booger Boy Part 1: The Night of the Nasty Nostril Nuggets".

"These books are so funny", Shimmer said.

"Yeah", Shine said.

Then, they saw Butch standing in front of them.

"Book please", Butch said, "you know the rules."

Shimmer then handed him the book.

"Now then, I'll be putting this in the drawer with all the other things Miss Bridges has confiscated", Butch said.

Shimmer and Shine were bummed.

"Now we've got nothing to read", Shimmer said.

Tracker then turned to them.

"You can borrow one of my 'Defenders Of The Bay' comics if you want", Tracker said, "they're not too violent, and there's not very much swearing."

"Thanks", Shine said.

Tracker handed them an issue titled "Baby Defender", and they read it.

"This is good stuff", Shimmer said.

Soon, they had finished it.

"That was pretty good", Shimmer said.

"I liked the bit where the others played Noes Goes to decide who was goanna change Clover's diaper and Tony lost", Shine said.

Soon, the day had ended, and the kids were leaving.

"Have a nice day", Butch said.

"We will", Molly said.

Soon, they had left, and Butch walked outside to his car.

"I just love hanging out with those kids", Butch said.

The End

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