Chris Thorndyke is a supporting protagonist for The Adventures Of Tinker & Co..

Bio Edit

Full Name: Christopher Charles Thorndyke

Also Known As: N/A

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Chris Thorndyke

Birthday: June 18, 1997

Age: 19

Relatives: Nelson Thorndyke (father), Lindsey Thorndyke (mother), Chuck Thorndyke (grandfather), Sam Speed (uncle)

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Fair

Appearance Edit

Chris always wears a white turtleneck, blue jeans, and blue and yellow sneakers

Trivia Edit

  • Chris shares his birthday with former Beatles bass guitarist Paul McCartney. He was born on the former Beatle's 55th birthday.
  • He and his friend Shaggy Rogers moved to Winter City after getting evicted from their Starlet City apartment for causing damage during a Nerf gun battle

Gallery Edit

Chris Thorndyke 2

Chris confronting a robber

Chris Thorndyke 4

Young Pre-Teen Chris

Chris Thorndyke 3

Chris driving his car

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