Cleo is a supporting protagonist for Hanging Out With Maya.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Cleopatra Tina Busterfield (née Baker)


Also Known As: Mama

Species: Lion

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 10, 1979

Age: 38

Relatives: Theo Busterfield (husband), Lionel Busterfield (son), Leona Busterfield (daughter), Maya Beeatrix-Busterfield (adoptive daughter), Lippy Baker (older brother)

Hair Color: Gold

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin Color: Dark Brown

Appearance Edit

Cleo always wears a multicolor bead necklace and earrings.

Trivia Edit

  • Cleo shares her birthday with Scottish singer Donovan Philips Leitch, better known as simply "Donovan"
  • Like her husband, she supports her son's taste for music, as she went to a Paul McCartney & Wings concert during her freshman year of high school
  • She owns a 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon minivan that serves as the secondary mode of transportation for the family
  • Of all the members of her family, Maya is closest to Cleo because of how the latter was the one who found Maya on the way home from the supermarket and brought her (Maya) into her family.

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