~Connie is a supporting protagonist for Down On The Farm.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Connie The Calf


Also Known As: Sweetie

Species: Cow

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 2, 2011

Age: 5

Relatives: Mollie (mother), Bill (father), Percy Pickles (owner and caregiver), Stephanie Pickles (owner and caregiver)

Hair Color: Black and white

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Yellow (black nose)

Appearance Edit

Connie always wears an orange ribbon with a bell attached to it around her neck.

Trivia Edit

  • Connie shares her birthday with Cars drummer David Robinson
  • She loves being with her parents and Stephanie
  • She also likes it when Stephanie plays her Monkees CD
  • She hates being tipped over and usually starts to cry if that happens.