Cooking In Mom's Kitchen is the eight episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Olivia puts Holly and Blue up to a cooking challenge when they complain about her food.


One evening, Olivia was making dinner for Holly and Blue.

"Alright", Olivia said, "here's dinner."

She then took something out of the oven and put it on the table.

"Goulash", Olivia said.

Holly and Blue groaned.

"What's the matter", Olivia asked, "I thought you liked my goulash."

"When you first started making it", Holly said, "now you make it once every week."

"Don't think of it as goulash", Olivia said, "think of it as Monday's hamburgers on top of Tuesday's macaroni and cheese."

"Yeah, and today's nightmare", Holly said.

"Look, what do you guys want from me", Olivia asked, "it's the best I can do with Dad out of town."

"Don't cook the same old stuff", Holly said, "cook us something fresh, something new."

"Something in this cookbook", Blue said.

Blue then pulled a cookbook out from the bookshelf.

"The odd housewives of Denver", Blue said, "if they can make these recipes good, anyone can."

Olivia looked at the book and got an idea.

"Alright", Olivia said, "if it's really that easy, why don't you two make dinner tomorrow?"

"You're on", Holly said, "we'll make the best dinner ever made in this house."

"Good luck", Olivia said, "you'll need it."

The next day, Holly and Blue were in the kitchen, wearing chef hats.

"Alright", Holly said, "Mom wants a home cooked meal, we're goanna give it to her."

"What are we making", Blue asked.

Holly opened up the book and showed Blue something.

"That looks delicious", Blue said, "it ought be good."

"That's right", Holly said, "now, let's get ready."

After a while, Olivia was sitting at the table, and Holly and Blue walked over.

"Good evening, Mom", Holly said.

"Good evening", Olivia said, "how did the cooking go?"

"I think you'll find that it turned out rather well", Holly said.

Blue then put a few plates on the table.

"To start, we have some nice garlic bread, made from all-natural butter and no artificial garlic, as well as a Caesar salad, with fine homemade dressing", Holly said, "and finally, the piece to resistance, lasagna."

Olivia tasted the lasagna, and found it delicious.

"This is good stuff", Olivia said, "I obviously underestimated you two."

"See", Holly said, "anyone can cook good meals."

"Tell me", Olivia said, "what are you two making tomorrow night?"

Holly and Blue were surprised.

"What", Holly asked.

"Come on", Olivia said, "there's no way I'm letting this talent of yours go to waste."

Holly and Blue looked at each other.

"We haven't decided yet", Holly said.

"Yeah", Blue said, "these things take time to think."

"Okay", Olivia said, "completely understandable."

Later, Holly and Blue were talking in the former's bedroom.

"Blue, we've made a terrible mistake", Holly said, "we made a meal Mom likes."

"Yeah", Blue said, "why do we have to be such good cooks?"

Then, Holly had an idea.

"Wait a minute", Holly said, "what if we weren't good cooks?"

"What", Blue asked.

"Here's what I'm thinking", Holly said, "we'll cook a bad meal, then Mom won't ever want to eat our food again."

"Of course", Blue said, "then she'll never ask us to cook again."

"Exactly", Holly said, "tomorrow, we're goanna make the cruddiest meal ever."

Unbeknownst to them, Olivia had overheard everything through the air vent.

"So that's the way they're goanna play the game", Olivia said, "well, we'll just see how bad their cooking is."

Later that night, Olivia was sitting at the table.

"I'm waiting", Olivia said.

Holly then walked over with a cup.

"Here is your drink", Holly said, "a pure blend of orange juice, chocolate milk, and ranch dressing."

Olivia drank a sip and was disgusted, but faked that it was good.

"Man", Olivia said, "this thing flows right down the tubes."

Holly and Blue looked at each other in confusion.

"We're goanna go get the main course", Holly said.

They then came back with a sandwich.

"I give you, a peanut butter and orange slice sandwich on wheat bread", Holly said.

Olivia was equally disgusted, but still faked liking it.

"I just love this thing", Olivia said.

Holly and Blue went into the kitchen.

"What is going on", Blue asked.

"I don't know", Holly said, "but she's loving it, which is the complete opposite of what we're going for."

"Maybe we'll get her with dessert", Blue said.

They then walked over with a bowl.

"And now, it's time for dessert", Holly said, "vanilla pudding with pickles and pineapple."

Olivia was disgusted by the pudding, but continued to try her hardest to fake liking it.

"I think this is the best part", Olivia said, "why don't you two try it."

Holly and Blue were shocked.

"Us", Holly asked.

"Sure", Olivia said, "good cooks should always get the chance to eat their food."

"I don't know", Holly said, "we made it for you."

"Oh no, try it", Olivia said, "I insist."

Holly and Blue tried to eat it, but couldn't.

"Okay, fine", Holly said, "we pretended to make bad meals so you would stop asking us to cook every night."

"Well", Olivia said, "now you know how it feels to cook dinner for your family every night."

"You're right", Holly said, "we should've respected your cooking."

"It's alright", Olivia said, "now, let's cook a real meal."

"We'll help", Holly said.

And so, the women of the Burns household got to work on dinner.

The End


  • Steve Sr. is absent in this episode.

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