Dad's Birthday is the fifth episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Steve Sr.'s birthday is here, and Holly wants to get him a new fly rod, but she doesn't have enough money, so she enlists the help of Steve and Joe to get the money.


One evening, Steve Sr. was working late, and Holly, Blue, and Olivia were alone.

"Alright, girls", Olivia said, "your father's birthday is in two days, do any of you know what you're goanna get him?"

"I'm goanna get him a framed picture of him with that hog he killed a few months ago", Blue said.

"I'm gonna get him this fly rod I found in the Outdoor Monthly catalog", Holly said.

She then showed Olivia a picture of the fly rod, which shocked her (Olivia).

"One thousand dollars", Olivia asked, "I'm not sure."

"I was hoping you could help me with that", Holly said.

"That's what's good about you, Holly", Olivia said, "keep on hoping."

"But this is for Dad", Holly said.

"I'm sorry, Holly, but I simply can't do it", Olivia said.

Holly then walked upstairs to her room and plopped down on her bed.

"How am I goanna get a thousand dollars before Friday", Holly asked.

The next day, Holly went downstairs and had some breakfast.

"There's got to be some way to get a thousand dollars before tomorrow", Holly said.

Then, she heard some music playing on her phone.

"It's Steve and Joe", Holly said.

Holly answered and they began face timing.

"Hey, guys", Holly said.

"Hey, Holl", Steve said.

"Hi, guys", Holly said.

"We just wanted to tell you that we're goanna be there for Dad's birthday tomorrow", Joe said.

"Great", Holly said, "now, before you go, I wanna talk to you about something."

"What is it", Steve asked.

"Well", Holly said, "it's about..."

Holly then noticed Steve Sr. reading the newspaper on the couch, and went upstairs to her room.

"It's about Dad's birthday present", Holly said, "I want to get him a new fly rod, but it costs a thousand dollars."

"Wow", Joe said, "that is pricey."

"Yeah", Holly said, "I need your help to get the money."

"I think we might know just the way", Steve said, "hop a bus to Starlet City, and we'll talk when you get there."

"Okay", Holly said.

Holly then walked downstairs.

"Mom, I'm going out", Holly said.

"Okay", Olivia said.

Olivia took a bus to Starlet City and found Steve and Joe waiting for her.

"Good, you're here", Steve said, "let's go."

They got into Steve's Volkswagen Thing and drove off to the house they lived in with their friends, Fred and Daphne.

"Where's Fred and Daphne", Holly asked.

"They're visiting Daphne's parents", Steve said, "it's just me and Joe."

"Okay then", Holly said, "what's your plan?"

Joe then held up a drawing of a loaf of banana bread.

"There's a bake sale at the park this afternoon", Joe said, "we were thinking that the three of us could bake a loaf of banana bread for the bake sale, and if all goes well, we should have at least a thousand and five hundred by the end of the day."

"Perfect", Holly said, "let's get our hands messy."

They spent some time making the bread, and soon finished.

"There", Steve said, "now let's head to the park."

They got into the Thing and drove to the park.

"Now all we have to do is wait", Joe said.

A man then walked over to their booth and had a slice of bread.

"This is good stuff", the man said.

He was soon followed by many others, and soon, there was no more banana bread.

"Good thing I made a second one", Joe said.

Later that day, the bake sale was over, and they counted the money.

"Wow", Holly said, "we made more than what I was going for."

"Come on", Steve said, "we've got a fly rod to buy."

The next day, Steve Sr. was opening his presents.

"Here's mine", Olivia said.

Steve Sr. opened it and found a "World's Best Husband" coffee mug inside.

"Wow", Steve Sr. said, "I love it."

"My turn", Blue said.

Blue gave Steve Sr. his present, and he opened it up, finding a framed picture of him and the hog he killed.

"This'll look great on my dresser", Steve Sr. said, "thanks, Blue."

Holly then handed Steve Sr. another present.

"Here you go, Dad", Holly said, "this one's from me, Steve, and Joe."

Steve Sr. opened it up, revealing the fly rod.

"We entered a bake sale yesterday to get the money", Steve said.

"It's amazing", Steve Sr. said, "you three are the best."

Steve Sr., Steve, Joe, and Holly then embraced in a hug.

"Come on guys", Olivia said, "it's time for cake."

Steve Sr. and his kids then walked into the kitchen for cake and ice cream.

The End


  • This is the first time Steve and Joe make appearances in the series.

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