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~Daphne Blake is a supporting protagonist for The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Daphne Heather Blake

Also Known As: Daph, Mama (only by Zuma)

Daphne Blake

Birthday: March 30, 1999

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Fair

Residence: A beautiful 40's style house which she shares with her boyfriend

Relationships: Nedley Blake (father), Elizabeth Blake (mother), Fred Jones (boyfriend), Zuma (pet), Steve Burns (friend) Joe Burns (friend), Roger Turner (uncle), Allison Turner (aunt), Tulip Turner (cousin) Tessa Turner (cousin)

Occupation(s): Secretary to Parker, amateur sleuth

Favorite Food(s): Meatloaf

Least Favorite Food(s): Brussels sprouts

Likes: Her job, being with Karen, Zuma, Steve, and Fred, the engines being kind to one another

Dislikes: Seeing Zuma or Karen upset, Bill and Ben's tricks, being captured

Appearance Edit

Normal Outfit (fall and winter): Purple top, dress, pink pantyhose, and purple shoes. She also wears a plastic purple headband and a green scarf.

Normal Outfit (spring and summer): Purple t-shirt, pink pants, white sneakers

Pajamas (fall and winter): Lavender nightgown

Pajamas (spring and summer): short sleeveless version of her nightgown

Personality Edit

Like her boyfriend, Daphne is very kind to other Starlet City residents, especially the Loud twins, though when Luan pulls a joke, she is quick to scold her.

Trivia Edit

  • Daphne loves Fred, Karen, and Zuma more than anything on Earth
  • She has a black belt in karate
  • She's an expert at picking locks
  • She's also good at surfing
  • She shares her birthday with English guitarist Eric Clapton, best known for his work with English rock bands Cream, The Yardbirds, and Derek & The Dominoes
  • Zuma loves her like she was his mother, which is why he calls her "Mama"
  • When Parker's sick or on vacation, she takes over as controller until he gets better
  • On St. Patrick's Day, she wears green versions of her headband, dress, pantyhose, and shoes, but keeps the scarf

Gallery Edit

Daphne Blake 2

Daphne assuring Zuma and Karen that there is no such thing as ghosts.

Daphne Blake 4

Young Daphne

Daphne Blake 3

Daphne being grabbed by a masked hoodlum (really just Steve in a costume)

St. Patrick's Day Daphne

Daphne's St. Patrick's Day outfit

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