Detention! is the eighth episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

Bright Eyes and Doki reluctantly help a gang of bullies against their wills, which results in them having to serve half an hour of after-school detention with them, and they must try to survive until their parents come to get them.

Story Edit

One day, Bright Eyes and Doki were coming out of their class and on their way to the library to meet their friend Oto when Doki got hit in the head by a rubber band.

"Ow," Doki cried.

When Doki and Bright Eyes looked, they saw three of the most mischievous boys in the school, Papa Wheelie, Flat Tyre, and Rusty Spokes outside Principal Clyde's office, with a carton of eggs.

"Oh, hey, guys," said Doki, "what's up?"

"Not much," said Papa, "wanna help us with something?"

"I guess so," said Bright Eyes, "what's up?"

"We're gonna prank Oto," said Flat.

"Prank Oto," asked Doki in a shocked tone, "how so?"

"When he comes out of the library," explained Rusty, "we're gonna bean him with these eggs!"

Doki and Bright Eyes were shocked to the core.

"No way am I gonna egg one of my best friends," said Doki.

"Look," said Papa, "if you don't help us, we'll tell everyone that you still suck your thumb while you sleep."

Doki couldn't bear the thought of becoming the laughing stock of the school.

"Alright," said Doki, "we'll do it."

"Alright, said Flat.

Doki, Bright Eyes, Papa, Flat, and Rusty ducked behind a potted plant outside Clyde's office and waited for Oto to come out. Soon enough, the door opened.

"Here he comes," said Rusty.

"Alright," said Papa, "Ready...Aim..."

At that precise moment, Oto exited the library with a stack of books in his hands.

"Fire," Papa shouted.

Then, Papa, Flat, Rusty, Doki, and Bright Eyes started throwing eggs at Oto, who quickly shoved his books into his backpack and made a defensive stance.

"Cut it out," Oto cried, "we're friends, Doki!"

Just then, Papa heard the door to Clyde's office opening.

"Principal Clyde at 5 o'clock," Papa shouted.

Flat put the egg carton in Doki's hands and the former, Papa, and Rusty quickly fled the scene as Clyde came out.

"What in the name of B.J. Thomas is going on here," asked Clyde.

"Please," said Doki, "this isn't what it looks like!"

"You two," said Clyde, "my office. Now."

Doki and Bright Eyes sadly did as they were told.

"Well," said Doki, "we're busted.

And indeed they were. About 2 minutes later, Oto, Doki and Bright Eyes were in Principal Clyde's office discussing the incident. Oto still had egg yolks all over him.

"But I swear," said Doki, "we didn't bring the eggs."

"No," asked Clyde, "so you just found them and were throwing them?"

"They made us do it," said Bright Eyes, "Papa, Rusty, and Flat."

"I see," said Clyde, "however, you two are still going to be punished. I'm giving the two of you a half hour of detention."

"Can someone get me a towel or something," asked Oto.

"Oh, yes," said Clyde, "Oto, go to the nurse's office to get cleaned up."

With that, Oto went to the nurse's office and, after finishing up the rest of their classes, Doki and Bright Eyes went to the detention room where they saw Papa, Rusty, and Flat.

"Hey," said Doki, "what did you three do?"

"We put glue on Mrs. Johnson's chair," said Papa.

"I see," said Doki.

Just then, the detention monitor, Mr. Nigel Ratburn, came into the room.

"Alright, everyone," said Mr. Ratburn, "welcome to Detention, where there won't be talking or doing anything other than homework or other stuff related to school." 

"Well," thought Doki, "I can use this time to work on that review sheet for that United States Capitols quiz next week." 

With that, Doki got out the sheet from his binder and started working on it while Bright Eyes practiced her multiplication tables. Mr. Ratburn sat at his desk and worked in a crossword puzzle book. He went to take a sip of coffee from his mug, but saw it was empty. 

"Shoot," said Mr. Ratburn, "alright, everyone, I'm gonna run down to the teacher's lounge to get some more coffee. Please don't do anything bad while I'm gone." 

With that, Mr. Ratburn left. Little did he know that Papa was watching him. 

"Good," said Papa after Mr. Ratburn left, "he's gone!" 

"Now what," asked Flat. 

"I know exactly what to do," said Rusty. 

Rusty then went to Mr. Ratburn's chalkboard and wrote "You Stink!!" on it. Rusty and his friends snickered. 

"This is gonna be the best," snickered Papa. 

Doki heard the boys snickering and when he looked at what they did, he was horrified. 

"You guys can't do that," said Doki, "that's mean!" 

"Oh, lay off," said Flat. 

"Yeah," said Papa, "it's only a joke!" 

"If the joke involves insulting someone, it's not funny," said Doki, "I'm so gonna tell Mr. Ratburn." 

At that moment, Mr. Ratburn came back. 

"Tell me what," asked Mr. Ratburn. 

Doki told Mr. Ratburn what had transpired. Mr. Ratburn then turned to Papa, Flat, and Rusty. 

"You three," said Mr. Ratburn, "go straight to Clyde's office right now." 

Papa, Flat, and Rusty did as they were told. 

"Grouch," Papa muttered under his breath. 

Mr. Ratburn then turned to Doki and Bright Eyes and smiled at them. 

"As for you two," said Mr. Ratburn, "I'm very pleased that you told me the truth and I'm also impressed that you two behaved in here, unlike most students, especially those three monkeys." 

"Thanks," said Bright Eyes. 

Doki then looked at the clock. 

"Oh, wow," said Doki, "we only have 15 minutes of detention left!" 

"Hey, Doki," asked Bright Eyes, "in those 15 minutes, can you help me study for my spelling test?" 

"Sure," said Doki. 

With that, Doki helped Bright Eyes study until their detention was up. They went down to the office and found their parents waiting. 

"We heard what happened," said Nancy, Bright Eyes' mother and Doki's stepmother, "and we're disappointed in you." 

"I know," said Bright Eyes, "we're sorry." 

"However," said Greg, Doki's father and Bright Eyes' stepfather, "both me and your mother agree that you've been punished enough already. But, please don't do that again." 

"We won't," said Doki. 

Soon, the Spotts got into Mr. Spott's 1975 Ford Maverick and drove home. 

The End 

Notes Edit

  • This is the first episode to not feature any engines at all.
  • This is also the first episode in which Doki and Bright Eyes get into trouble.

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