Eco-Race is the third episode of the first season of We're Just Kids.


Butch hosts an eco-friendly go-kart race where the first prize is a pizza party, and the kids decide to enter.


One day, the kids were playing in the park, when Butch walked over to them.

"Hey, kids", Butch said, "how's it going?"

"Pretty good", Tracker said.

"What are you doing here", Molly asked.

"Just hanging up flyers for the eco-race", Butch said.

"What's that", Shimmer asked.

"It's this contest where you have to make the most eco-friendly go-kart from scratch and then race it against others", Butch said.

"What makes it eco-friendly", Shine asked.

"If it runs on clean materials", Butch said, "water, sunlight, you name it."

"What's the prize", Molly asked.

"A pizza party provided by Piperville Pizza Palace", Butch said.

"Well what are we waiting for", Molly asked, "let's get to work."

At Molly's house, she and Deema were looking in the garage for parts.

"I was thinking we could make a hydroelectric kart", Molly said, "something that runs on water."

Deema then pulled out an old stew pot.

"We could use this as a boiler", Deema said.

"Good idea", Molly said, "we better get my Dad, since we'll sort of be playing with fire, we better have an adult helping us."

Later, Mr. Thomas had helped them build a kart from a wooden crate and bicycle wheels.

"Here you go, girls", Mr. Thomas said, "now, this switch right here is the ignition, which boils the water, and then some heat sensors near it will turn these wheels with bicycle chains, and then the kart's wheels will turn."

"Thanks, Dad", Molly said.

"No problem", Mr. Thomas said.

Meanwhile, Tracker was digging through the junkyard for parts for his kart.

"There's got to be something in here", Tracker said.

He then found a pair of old bicycle pedals.

"Here we go", Tracker said.

He then took them over to a wooden crate with flame decals and baby carriage wheels.

"Here we go", Tracker said, "I just put this here, and..."

He then began pedaling in circles.

"It works", Tracker said.

Meanwhile, Shimmer and Shine were at the hospital with a red wagon, which was the body of their kart.

"It pays to have a doctor for a dad", Shimmer said.

"Yeah", Shine said, "no telling what you'll find in a hospital."

They walked around and noticed that the janitor's closet was open and saw a broom.

"There's a broom we could use as the mast", Shimmer said.

They took the broom out of the closet and shut the door behind them.

"Now all we need is a sail", Shine said.

Shimmer pulled Shine around on the wagon and they saw an empty room.

"Of course", Shine said, "we can use one of those bed sheets."

They took a sheet from one of the beds and put the kart together.

"Now to test it", Shimmer said.

They opened the sail and Shine conjured up a gust of wind to make the cart sail.

"Eureka", Shimmer said, "it works."

They then crashed into a potted plant.

"I'm goanna have to work on my steering", Shimmer said.

"You think", Shine asked.

At the Scott residence, Nonny swam over with an object under a tarp.

"Hey, Blaze", Nonny said, "I've got the perfect idea for you to enter."

"What is it", Blaze asked.

Nonny then took the tarp off the object.

"This biodiesel-burning engine I made from a toaster", Nonny said.

Two pieces of toast then popped out.

"I see it still makes toast", Blaze said.

"Yep", Nonny said, "I was thinking we could install it into you so that we can install it to you."

"I don't know", Blaze said, "you'd probably have to ask my parents."

"Okay", Nonny said.

Nonny went inside and saw Mr. and Mrs. Scott.

"Hello there, Blaze's parents", Nonny said, "I wanna talk to you."

"Sure, kid, what can we do for you", Mr. Scott asked.

"I invented this biodiesel-burning engine for Blaze, and I wanted to know if I could get it installed."

"That's okay with us", Mrs. Scott said.

"Really", Nonny asked.

"Yes", Mr. Scott said, "it's time Blaze was getting a new engine anyways."

Later, at Nonny's house, Mr. Hutchinson had installed the engine.

"Here you go", Mr. Hutchinson said, "you're all set."

"Thanks, Mr. H", Blaze said, "though, I still don't feel ready."

"I know", Nonny said.

Nonny put a red mask with flame decals over Blaze's eyes.

"I'm ready", Blaze said.

The next day, the kids met at the park where the race was held.

"Alright", Butch said, "what are your karts?"

"Mine and Shimmer's is The Wind Breaker", Shine said, "it moves when wind blows through the sail."

The others laughed at the name, even Butch.

"Oh yeah, very mature", Shimmer said.

"Moving on", Butch said, "Tracker, what's yours?"

"I call this baby The Pedal Pumper", Tracker said, "it's powered by bicycle pedals I found in the junkyard."

"Nice", Butch said, "Molly, Deema, what's yours?"

"This is The Hydroelectric Dominator", Molly said, "made from a homemade boiler made from scratch."

"Interesting", Butch said, "Nonny, how about you?"

"Well, I hooked Blaze up with a toaster that I turned into a biodiesel-burning engine that runs on vegetable oil", Nonny said.

"Please", Blaze said, "call me, The Bio-Blazer."

"Alright then", Mark said, "let's take a look at the track."

Butch pulled out a whiteboard with an outline of the track.

"Here's how it goes", Butch said, "first, you'll dash in a straightaway towards the railroad crossing, then, you'll make the first turn of the race, where you will make the second turn of the race, where you will go in another straightaway and drive in a circle around the boxcar on display at town square, and finally, down the road where they started the race, and back to the finish line."

"Sounds easy enough", Tracker said.

"Now", Butch said, "let the race begin."

Then, they saw the lights on the railroad crossing flash, and Rudy crossed it pulling a long freight train.

"Right after Rudy crosses", Butch said.

It took about an hour, but Rudy finally crossed.

"That had to have been the longest train I've ever seen", Tracker said.

"I counted 115 cars", Molly said.

"Well", Butch said, "now that Rudy's crossed, we can begin."

Butch blew a whistle and they raced off.

"Wow, they are fast", Butch said.

They started out good, with Tracker taking the lead.

"I'll see you at the other side of the finish line", Tracker said.

They made the first turn, and near the end of the loop, Shimmer and Shine used a tilt technique to squeeze through a space between Tracker and the wall.

"Impossible", Tracker said.

"Tootles", Shimmer and Shine said.

As they approached the second turn, Molly and Deema's kart stopped.

"How come it stalled", Molly asked.

"The fire went out", Deema said.

Deema took a fireplace bellow and began blowing the fire, and soon, they were on their way again.

"Come on, Deema", Molly said, "let's catch up with the others."

The racers raced around the boxcar and soon got on the road to the finish line, with Shimmer and Shine in the lead.

"I feel like Jimmie Johnson right now", Shimmer said.

"Me too", Shine said.

Behind them, Nonny and Blaze were planning their move.

"Wait for my signal", Nonny said.

Shimmer then adjusted the mast.

"Now", Nonny said.

Blaze passed them and won the race.

"We won", Blaze said.

"We sure did", Nonny said.

Butch walked over to them with a card.

"Here you go", Butch said, "give this to the guy at the Piperville Pizza Palace, and he'll give you your pizza party."

The others then joined them.

"Way to go, Blaze", Molly said.

"You sure earned that win, amigo", Tracker said.

"And I owe it all to Nonny", Blaze said, "he's the one who fitted me with this biodiesel engine."

"Thanks, buddy", Nonny said, "in fact, keep the engine."

"Thanks", Blaze said, "now, let's go have some pizza."

The seven friends went off to the Piperville Pizza Palace to eat pizza and play arcade games for the rest of the day.

The End


  • As of this episode, Blaze's engine is a biodiesel engine made from a toaster oven.
  • The results of the race were:
  1. Nonny and Blaze
  2. Shimmer and Shine
  3. Tracker
  4. Molly and Deema
  • Innuendo: Butch and the other kids were laughing at the name of Shimmer and Shine's kart because it sounded like "Breaking Wind", a term for farting.

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