Edward is one of the main protagonists of The Railroad Girl.


Full Name: Edward The Blue Engine

Also Known As: Eddie

Species: Steam Engine

Gender: Male ♂

Age: 16

Relatives: William Frank Pettigrew (designer), Sharp, Stewart and Co. (builders), Gordon (father), Thomas (brother), Timothy (cousin), Molly (girlfriend)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey


Edward is a blue mixed-traffic engine with blue paint with red lining, and the number "2" on his tender.


  • Despite being a mixed traffic engine (meaning he can pull coaches or freight cars easily), Edward mostly shunts freight cars
  • He is best friends with James, Henry, and the Scots
  • He rarely loses his temper and usually keeps his cool when he's angered.
  • He is very fascinated with other cultures from across the globe
  • He also loves to read
  • Whenever he reads, he always wears a pair of glasses
  • He also has a collection of international cookbooks