Edward & Molly is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Railroad Girl.

Summary Edit

A new engine named Molly arrives in Winter City, and Edward is determined to show her around.

Story Edit

One day, Edward was outside looking at the sky, looking kinda sad when Thomas came over.

"Hey, Ed," said Thomas, "watcha up to?"

"Not much," Edward said sadly.

Thomas could tell something was troubling his brother.

"Why the long face," asked Thomas.

"I just wish I had someone to love," said Edward, "James has Emily, my pen pal Freddie Benson has Leni Loud, and I've got nobody."

Thomas smiled.

"Don't worry, Ed," said Thomas, "I'm sure you'll find someone."

Just then, Ernie Devlin pulled up in his 1952 Volkswagen Beetle.

"Hello, boys," said Ernie.

"Hey, Mr. D," said Thomas.

"I've got a new engine I'd like you to meet," said Ernie.

"Who is it," asked Thomas.

"I'm glad you asked," said Ernie, "here comes the new engine now!"

Just then, a big yellow tender engine that looked a little like Edward arrived.

"Boys," said Ernie, "meet Molly."

"Hello, Molly," said Thomas, "I'm Thomas. Welcome to Winter City!"

"Thank you," said Molly with a smile.

Molly then saw Edward, who had seen Molly and was staring at her with a lovestruck expression on his face.

"Is he alright," asked Molly.

"I'm sure he is," said Thomas, "I just think he needs a little encouragement."

Thomas then pinched Edward's nose.

"Yow," Edward yelled, "why'd you do that?"

"Dude," said Thomas, "say your greeting!"

"Oh," said Edward, "right. Hello, Molly! Welcome to Winter City! My name is Edward!"

"Thanks for the kind welcome," said Molly, "I moved here with my dad from Idaho."

"Hey, Edward," said Thomas, "maybe you and I can show her around, like we did for Ryan."

"Good idea," said Edward, "would you like that, Molly?"

"Oh, yes, please," said Molly.

With that, the tour began.

"Man," Edward thought to himself, "I think I've found the one!"

Soon, they showed Molly Totally 60's.

"And right here," said Thomas, "is Totally 60's, one of the most popular restaurants in town."

"They've got the best milkshakes in town," said Edward, "which is why they're so popular."

"And," said Thomas, "if you go in there, they'll give you a free meal."

"Nice," said Molly.

Just then, they saw Edward going inside.

"What's he doing," asked Molly.

"I have no idea," said Thomas.

Just then, Edward came back outside with a bouquet of yellow tulips.

"For you, Molly," said Edward.

Molly smiled.

"They look nice," said Molly, "thank you."

"Oh," said Edward, "you're welcome, I guess."

"Are you alright, bro," asked Thomas.

"Yeah," said Edward, "let's just continue with the tour."

But Thomas could tell something was not right.

"There's something very fishy going on," Thomas said to himself.

Later, the boys showed Molly where the Narrow Gauge Engines lived and introduced her to them. As they were leaving, Thomas spoke up.

"Hey, Ed," said Thomas, "if that's cool, I'm gonna go home. I've got a call to make."

"That's fine," said Edward, "I'll take over from here."

With that, Thomas went home, went to his room, got out a walkie-talkie, and contacted his friend Ryan.

"What's up," asked Ryan.

"Can you come over," asked Thomas, "something's going on."

"Alright," said Ryan, "I'm on my way!"

Soon, Ryan arrived, and Thomas let him in.

"Good," said Thomas, "you're here."

"So," asked Ryan, "what's the situation?"

"It's Edward," said Thomas, "he's been acting very strangely today ever since we met this new engine called Molly."

"What do you mean by "strange"," asked Ryan.

"Well," said Thomas, "he bought Molly some flowers and was looking at her funny."

Ryan grinned.

"I think I know what's going on," said Ryan.

"What," asked Thomas.

"Simple," said Ryan, "he thinks she's his match!"

"Now, why didn't I think of that," asked Thomas.

"Didn't think of what," asked a voice.

It was Edward. He had just come home.

"Hey, Edward," asked Thomas, "can I ask you something?"

"Sure," said Edward, "What do you need?"

"Do you have a crush on Molly," asked Thomas.

Edward sighed.

"Yes," said Edward, "it's true. I think Molly might be my Significant Other, my One True Love, my-"

"Alright, alright," said Thomas, "we get the point."

"So, anyways," said Edward, "is there any chance you fellas might know how to impress her?"

Thomas and Ryan looked at each other and smiled.

"Do we ever," said Thomas.

Meanwhile, Molly was reading a magazine and listening to music on her I-Pod when her father, a big oraneg engine named Murdoch, came into the room.

"Molly," he said, "someone named Edward has invited you to dinner. Do you accept?"

"Edward," asked Molly, "you mean one of those kind engines who showed me around earlier?"

"Yes," said Murdoch.

"Well," said Molly, "I guess it'd be rude not to accept."

"Go on then," said Murdoch, "but try to be back by six, OK?"

Molly giggled.

"Daddy," she said, "I'm 14."

"I know," said Murdoch, "but I'm just so nervous about you going out there alone."

"I'll be careful," said Molly.

Meanwhile, back at Thomas and Edward's place, Thomas and Ryan were setting the table when Edward came out of his room, wearing a blue bow-tie on his smoke-box.

"So," asked Edward, "is everything ready for tonight?"

"Yeah," said Thomas, "I thought you could start off with soup and a light salad, then see how you feel after that."

"Perfecto," said Edward.

"Good thing Totally 60's does deliveries," said Ryan.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"That must be Molly," said Edward.

Edward opened the door and in came Molly, who was wearing a ring of daisies around the base of her funnel.

"You look lovely, darling," said Edward.

"Thanks," said Molly.

Soon, Edward and Molly had taken their places at the table and dinner was soon served by Thomas, Ryan, Wally Pickles, and Scott Tracy.

"Bon appetit," said Scott.

After Scott and Wally left, the feasting began. While waiting for their soup to cool, Edward and Molly had their salads first, then their soup.

"Yum," said Molly, "this is the best soup I've ever tasted, same with the salad!"

"I'm glad you like it," said Edward.

Later, Edward and Molly had finished their meal, and Molly looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 5:30.

"Shucks," said Molly, "I've got to go. My dad says I have to be home by 6."

"How about I take you home," asked Edward.

"No thanks," said Molly, "I live only a block away."

"Oh," said Edward, "well, see you later then!"

"Bye," said Molly.

With that, Molly left and soon arrived home.

"Right on time," said Murdoch as he looked at the clock on the wall, "did you have a good time?"

"Yes," said Molly.

"There's a piece of cake in the fridge if you want some," said Murdoch.

"Thanks," said Molly, "but I think I'm gonna rest for a bit."

"Alright," said Murdoch.

Molly then went to her room and took out a Nancy Drew book from her bookshelf and began reading it.

"I hope I get to see that Edward engine again sometime," said Molly, "I think I like him."

The End

Notes Edit

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