~Emily is a supporting protagonist for The Railroad Girl.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Emily the Emerald Engine


Also Known As: The Social Engine

Species: Train

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Relatives: Patrick Stirling (designer), Doncaster Works (builder), James (boyfriend), Henry (brother), Percy (brother)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey

Appearance Edit

Emily is a large dark green tender engine with dark green paint with yellow lining, a tall funnel with a brass ring on top, and a brass dome in front of her whistle.

Trivia Edit

  • Emily is very sisterly and kind to younger engines, especially the narrow gauge engines
  • She was a bit bossy and fussy when she first came to Winter City, but was later reformed
  • She is also sensitive to other engines' feelings
  • She's somewhat of a social worker for the engines, hence her nickname
  • When she does something wrong, she is always quick to apologize
  • When she first came to Winter City, her buffers were originally bronze, but Ernie rewarded her with a silver set for doing very well on her first days
  • Ernie also rewarded her with 2 of her own coaches for rescuing another engine from an accident.
  • She is one of the only 4 engines who have silver buffers, the other 3 being Molly, Stanley, and Stepney

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