Family Game Night: Burns Style is the third episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Holly and Blue are over family game night, but have trouble explaining it to Steve Sr. and Olivia.


One evening, Holly and Blue were in the living room, where many board games were stacked on the coffee table.

"Well", Holly said, "we've both got things we'd rather do, so I think tonight's the night we tell Mom and Dad we don't want to do family game night anymore."

"Yeah", Blue said, "we're allowed to have lives too."

Then, Steve Sr. and Olivia came downstairs.

"Who's ready for family game night", Steve Sr. asked.

"Best night of the week", Olivia said.

They then saw that Holly and Blue had serious expressions on their faces.

"What's wrong", Steve Sr. asked, "aren't you exited?"

"Mom, Dad", Holly said, "we want to talk to you about family game night."

"I'm getting the sense you two aren't too exited about family game night", Steve Sr. said.

"Yeah, do you two not want to do family game night anymore", Olivia asked.

Holly and Blue then looked at each other.

"No", Holly and Blue said.

"Great", Steve Sr. said, "I'll get the pencils."

"I'll get the snacks", Olivia said.

The two then went inside the kitchen.

"Maybe tonight's not the night", Holly said.

"I hope it's the last night", Blue said, "of family game night."

The next day, Holly and Blue were hanging out at "Sporty Stevie".

"This is getting ridiculous", Holly said, "how are we supposed to tell Mom and Dad we don't want to do family game night anymore without hurting their feelings."

"Yeah", Blue said.

Then, she got an idea.

"Wait a minute", Blue said, "what if they don't want to do family game night anymore?"

"What's that supposed to mean", Holly asked.

"Simple", Blue said, "if we loose every game on purpose, they'll think we're bad at them all."

"Make it look like we're bad at board games", Holly said, "I like it."

"And then, they'll never want to do family game night with us ever again", Blue said.

"You always come up with the best plans", Holly said.

The next week, on family game night, Steve Sr. and Olivia were ready.

"Come on", Steve Sr. said, "you don't want to miss family game night."

Inside Holly's room, she and Blue were talking.

"Alright", Holly said, "remember the plan."

"Got it", Blue said, "loose every game and get family lame night over with so you can go to 7 Eleven, and I can go to the dog park."

They went downstairs and sat on the couch.

"First up, Pie Face Showdown", Steve Sr. said, "load the arm up with whipped cream and keep it from hitting your face."

"I'll go first", Blue said.

She and Steve Sr. played the game, and Blue ended up winning.

"Alright", Steve Sr. said, "you win."

"Yes", Blue said.

"I'm not playing a game where whipped cream might get splatted into my face", Olivia said.

"Then let's move on", Steve Sr. said, "after I've dried my face off."

Steve Sr. dried the whipped cream off his face.

"This is Toilet Trouble", Steve Sr. said, "spin the toilet paper roll to see how many times you have to flush, but be careful, because you never know when it'll spray."

"I've got this", Holly said.

Holly spun the roll, and it landed on one, so she flushed once, but it didn't spray.

"My turn", Olivia said.

Olivia spun the roll and it landed on three, so she flushed three times, but it didn't spray.

"Your turn, Blue", Olivia said.

Blue spun the roll and it landed on one again, so she flushed once, but it didn't spray.

"My turn", Steve Sr. said.

Steve Sr. spun the roll and it landed on two, so he flushed it twice, and it sprayed in his face.

"I'm out", Steve Sr. said, "now get your old man a towel."

"I think I'll go ahead and choose the next game now", Olivia said, "I don't think I want to be sprayed in the face with water either."

Olivia got out the Fantastic Gymnastics game.

"In this game, you have to spin the guy on the pole and see how far he'll flip", Olivia said, "the one who gets the farthest wins."

Steve Sr. and Olivia got pretty far, and Blue got low.

"Here it goes", Holly said.

Holly flipped the gymnast, and it got the farthest.

"You win", Olivia said.

Holly and Olivia then got frustrated and began banging their heads against the table.

"What's up", Steve Sr. asked, "aren't you happy?"

"No, we're not", Holly said, "every Friday night we do family game night, when Blue and I have our own plans for Friday night."

"Holly, if you and Blue didn't want to do family game night, why didn't you tell us", Olivia asked.

"We didn't want to hurt your feelings", Blue said.

"Yeah", Holly said, "you two were so exited, we didn't want to disappoint you."

"Well we'd rather be unhappy than you two be unhappy", Steve Sr. said.

"Yes", Olivia said, "now go and enjoy your Friday night."

Holly and Blue walked over to the door, but stopped.

"You know what", Holly said, "we started family game night, and we're goanna finish it."

"You mean", Olivia asked.

"We're staying", Blue said.

"Great", Steve Sr. said, "I'll get Monopoly: Ultimate Banking!"

The family then sat down to enjoy family game night.

The End

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