Fergus is one of the main protagonists of The Railroad Girl.


Full Name: Fergus The Railway Traction Engine

Also Known As: The Pride Of The Cement Works

Species: Steam Engine

Gender: Male ♂

Age: 26

Relatives: Aveling and Porter (designer and builder)

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey


Fergus is a royal blue traction engine with royal blue paint with gold boiler bands, and red wheels with black borders.


  • Fergus used to have oval buffers, but when he first came to Winter City, he was having his old parts replaced, and they gave him round buffers since they were out of oval buffers.
  • Fergus' flywheel has been used to power machinery, such as generators, saws, or pumps.
  • Working in the cement works gives Fergus a chronic chough.


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