Fico is one of the main protagonists of Chase & The Mystery Bunch.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Fico Gerald Hudson


Also Known As: Fraidey Fico

Species: Otter

Gender: Male

Birthday: March 29, 2010

Age: 7

Relatives: Lars Hudson (father), Freida Hudson (mother), Trey Hudson (older brother)

Hair Color: 2 shades of blue

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Black

Appearance Edit

Fico always wears a pair of orange goggles around his neck.

Trivia Edit

  • Fico shares his birthday with English comedian and actor Eric Idle, best known for being part of the English comedy troupe Monty Python
  • He is a superb swimmer and idolizes former American champion swimmer Michael Phelps
  • He gets his nickname from how he tends to cower at the mention or sight of a monster or ghost

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