Gil is one of the main protagonists for Tales From Starlet City.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Gilbert Eric Hall, Jr.


Also Known as: Gilly, Junior

Species: Guppy

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 14, 2008

Age: 10

Relatives: Gilbert Hall, Sr. (father), Sonya Hall (mother), Ralph Hall (older brother), Oona Kishi (love interest), Goby Snyder (best friend), Casey Rowe (best friend), Hopsalot Andrews (best friend)

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Fair (green tail)

Appearance Edit

He doesn't wear clothes.

Trivia Edit

  • Gil shares his birthday with English pop singer, performer, musician, actor, and philanthropist Cliff Richard
  • He is a big fan of the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team, and owns a plush of his favorite player, Patrick Kane
  • He is also a fan of Batman and has a bedroom decorated to commemorate the iconic DC Comics hero
  • Another book he likes is the Captain Underpants series, but he reads them responsibly and never takes them to school, as the books are banned at Davy Jones Elementary School because of its rude humor and never reads them when his mother is around due to her dislike of the books for the same reason
  • Despite being 10 years old, he is still a fan of Australian children's pop band The Wiggles

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