Chapter 25: Ally's Home

Ally woke up after having a good nights sleep. As she got up and out of her dog bed, Ally walked over to the staircase as the Chipmunks and the Chipettes were coming down the stairs.

"Good morning Chipmunks and Chipettes. How did you sleep?" Ally asked kindly.

"It was good, apart from the bed sheet tent falling on top of us and us thinking you were a ghost," Simon replied making everybody laugh.

"Yeah, about that, I'm sorry for causing the tent to fall down and scaring you all. I didn't mean to ruin your camping night," Ally apologized.

"It's okay Ally, you didn't ruin our camping night" Theodore replied kindly.

"Besides, you're part of our family, and everybody makes mistakes. We forgive you, Ally," Simon said, as the six chipmunks went over to Ally and gave her a hug. Ally hugged back, and once they separated, they all heard Dave call from the kitchen that breakfast was ready.

As they all ran towards the kitchen however, Ally stopped. She couldn't help but feel happy and think about everything that she had been through since she had gotten adopted. Everything may not have been perfect, and she had definitely had some fun, scary, unusual, challenging, and funny moments while living with the Seville family, but all in all, this was her family; they loved her, they played with her, they had accepted her as one of their own, and even though they were different, it didn't matter. Ally was happy where she was, and even though it wasn't the way she had imagined, Ally wouldn't have changed anything about it. Ally was home, and that's all that mattered to her.