Grandpa Albert is the thirteenth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


The Loud girls' maternal grandfather, Albert, comes into town for a visit.


One day, the Loud girls were looking at their family scrapbook, when Frank and Joey walked over.

"Hey boys", Lori said, "we're just looking at some old family photos."

"I see", Joey said, "is that you?"

"Yes", Lori said.

They were looking at a picture of a young Lori wearing a sailor suit.

"How sweet", Frank said.

Joey then noticed a picture of an old man with the Loud kids, sans Lola, Lana, and Lisa, who weren't born at the time the picture was taken.

"Who's that", Joey asked.

"That's our grandfather", Lynn said, "we affectionately call him Pop-Pop.

"He was our mom's father", Lori said, "but he still visits us even though she passed away."

"I hope we get to meet him someday", Frank said.

They then heard a horn honk.

"I wonder who that it", Lori said.

They went outside and saw an old man climbing out of a Pontiac Grand Safari.

"Finally", the man said, "my back's been killing me."

The girls recognized him.

"Pop-Pop", they said.

They all ran over to him and hugged him.

"What are you doing here", Leni asked.

"I thought I'd come visit my favorite grand kids", Pop-Pop said.

Frank and Joey then walked over.

"Well hello there", Pop-Pop said, "who are these two handsome fellas?"

"I'm Frank", Frank said, "and this is my brother, Joey."

"Nice to meet you two", Pop-Pop said.

"So Pop-Pop", Joey said, "would you like to come inside for a snack?"

"Why sure", Pop-Pop said, "and please, call me Albert."

They then went inside to get caught up on some things.

"Wow", Albert said, "did you really learn to tie your shoes?"

"Yes", Lana said, "all thanks to Joey.

"Nice", Albert said, "are one of these handsome devils Lori's husband?"

"No", Lori said, "Joey is my boyfriend, and Frank is just a close friend of mine."

"Alrighty then", Albert said, "what else has happened around here?"

"Well, one time our parents came to visit", Frank said, "it was madness."

"I'll say", Joey said, "Luan released Lana's pet lizard, Lynn got casserole all over Luna, and Lana spilled water on Lola's dress."

"Now that's a story worth telling", Albert said.

"I'll say", Luan said, "I did get punished afterwards, but seeing Mrs. Hardy's reaction to the lizard and Luna, Lynn, Lola, and Lana fight made it worth it."

"She's pulled worse pranks", Lori said, "last week on April Fool's Day, she faked her death just to prank us."

"Now that is just wrong", Albert said.

"I know", Luan said, "my butt cheek's still sore from getting a needle stuck up in."

"Lucky for her, that was punishment enough", Lori said.

"And who could forget last Christmas", Lana said, "traveling with Chuggie the Little Green Locomotive to the North Pole."

"Are you referring to the Chuggie that works in Piperville", Albert asked.

"Yeah", Lana said, "why?"

"Because your mother grew up there", Albert said, "I was a good friend of Butch Cassidy's grandfather."

"Nice", Lana said.

Lori then looked at her watch.

"I better get dinner started", Lori said.

"Please", Albert said, "allow me."

"Thanks Pop-Pop", Lori said.

Albert cooked Doritos Mexican chicken for Dinner, and they ate at the table.

"This is good", Frank said.

"Thanks", Albert said, "I came up with the recipe myself."

Joey then noticed that Albert had an anchor tattoo on his right arm.

"What's with the tattoo", Joey asked.

"That's a little something from my days in the navy", Albert said.

"You were in the navy", Frank asked.

"Yep, the moon division to be precise", Albert said, "I retired after I met my wife."

"Wow", Joey said, "did you go anywhere cool?"

"Yep", Albert said, "Europe, Asia, you name it."

"What was your favorite experience", Joey asked.

"Winter of '71", Albert said, "we were up against some Russian forces, but we beat them good."

"Impressive", Frank said.

Albert told them more stories, and the next day, it was time for him to leave.

"Well", Albert said, "it's been fun, but I've got to go, it's a 4-hour drive back to Kentucky."

The Loud sisters hugged Albert.

"It was great seeing you again Pop-Pop", Lana said.

"Don't worry", Albert said, "I'll be back."

He then shook Frank and Joey's hands.

"It was nice meeting you", Frank said.

"It was nice meeting you boys too", Albert said.

Albert drove away, and Frank, Joey, and the girls waved until he was out of sight.

"What a nice guy", Joey said.

The eleven friends then went inside.

The End

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