Higher And Higher is the fourth episode of the second season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Luan begins her first year at high school, and soon discovers that it's much different than middle school.


One morning, Luan went downstairs and stood by Luna and Leni.

"Alright, you three", Lori said, "Dad took Lucy and the twins and Lynn rode to school with Bailey and his friends, so I'll be taking you."

"Okay, Lori", Leni said.

"Let's get this show on the road", Luan said.

Soon, they were driving to the high school in Lori's Chevrolet Suburban, with Luan riding shotgun.

"I can't believe I'm finally a high school student", Luan said.

"Yes, it's exciting", Lori said, "but I should warn you, high school is way different than middle school."

They arrived at the high school, and Leni, Luna, and Luan got out.

"See you at the end of the day", Lori said.

They entered, and Luan was awestruck at the place.

"Wow", Luan said, "this place rocks."

She then bumped into Hudson.

"Hey, Hudson", Luan said.

"Hey there, Luan", Hudson said, "how's it going?"

"Pretty good", Luan said, "can you believe we're high schoolers now?"

"Hardly", Hudson said, "on minute, I'm in Mr. Stone's class, and the next thing I know, here I am."

Then, the bell rang.

"We better get to class", Luan said.

They then walked down to their classroom.

"Here it is", Luan said.

They walked in and sat down.

"I hear the teacher is a little odd", Hudson said.

"He'd get along good with you", Luan said.

Then, a bald man with a coconut that had a straw in it walked in.

"Hello there, class", he said, "my name is Mr. Sikowitz."

He then took a sip of coconut water and sat down.

"Now, class", Mr. Sikowitz said, "who can tell me a little bit about To Kill a Mockingbird?"

Luan raised her hand.

"Yes, you with the ponytail", Mr. Sikowitz said.

Then, a different girl stood up.

"No no, you", Mr. Sikowitz said.

Then another girl stood up.

"No, right there", Mr. Sikowitz said, "right where I'm pointing."

Then, a dude with a ponytail stood up.

"How is it that so many students have ponytails", Sikowitz asked.

Luan then stood up.

"Were you talking about me", Luan asked.

"Yes", Mr. Sikowitz said.

"It was written by Pulitzer Prize winner author Harper Lee in 1960", Luan said, "it was based..."

"On the life of the author growing up", Mr. Sikowitz said, "correct."

Mr. Sikowitz grabbed some books from the shelf and passed them out.

"For your English homework, I want you all to read the first two chapters of To Kill A Mockingbird", Mr. Sikowitz said.

Later, during lunch, Luan was eating with Leni and Luna.

"So", Leni asked, "how's your first day of high school going?"

"Pretty good", Luan said, "only, I feel like there's a little too much homework."

"That's how high school is", Luna said, "anyways, who's your teacher?"

"Some guy named Sikowitz", Luan said.

"Sikowitz", Luna asked, "I hear that guy is crazy."

"Yeah", Luan said, "I think it's from all that coconut milk."

Later, after Luan finished her lunch, she looked at the clock.

"Ten minutes until lunch is over", Luan said, "that's all I need."

She then took some glue out of her locker, applied it onto Mr. Sikowitz's doorknob, and hid behind a trash can.

"I can't wait to see Sikowitz's face when he tries to unlock the door", Luan said.

Mr. Sikowitz walked over and tried to unlock his door, but his hand got stuck, but he began laughing.

"Huh", Luan asked.

She then walked over.

"Whoever decided to pull this little practical joke is a pure genius", Mr. Sikowitz said.

"It was me", Luan said.

"You", Mr. Sikowitz asked, "you're pretty good, I would never have pulled a prank as funny as this."

Luan got some glue remover from her locker and used it to get Mr. Sikowitz's hand free.

"Wow", Luan said, "someone who appreciates my sense of humor."

At the end of the day, it was math class, and Luan was having trouble.

"Is something wrong", Mr. Sikowitz asked.

"Yes", Luan said, "this math is so complicated."

"Well how about I help you out", Sikowitz said.

"Really", Luan asked.

"Of course", Mr. Sikowitz said, "I'm the teacher, it's my job."

He then helped her, and in no time, her work was complete.

"Thanks for the help", Luan said.

"No problem", Mr. Sikowitz said, "and nobody has math homework, since math has been proven to be the hardest subject in this school for most students."

Then, the bell rang.

"See you all tomorrow", Sikowitz said.

Luan then met up with Leni and Luna.

"So, how was your day", Luna asked.

"Pretty good", Luan said, "I think Sikowitz is the best teacher I've ever had."

They then went outside and Lori pulled up in her car, and they got in.

"So", Lori asked, "did you all enjoy your day?"

"I sure did, Lori", Luan said, "I sure did."

The End


  • As of this episode, Luan attends high school with Leni and Luna.
  • This episode takes place during the previous episode, Lucy's New Teacher.
  • Innuendo: Luan suggesting that Sikowitz's odd personality comes from him drinking coconut milk meant that she thought he was drunk.

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