Holly Meets Menard is the sixth episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


When Blue ruins Holly's chance to meet the latter's favorite NASCAR driver, Paul Menard, she tries to make it up to her, which involves the both of them being mistaken for a Puerto Rican singing duo.

Special Guest StarEdit


One day, Holly was on the phone with the host of a contest.

"Now", the operator said, "what was Paul Menard's number during the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series?"

"98", Holly said.

"Correct", the operator said, "you are only two questions away from the grand prize, lunch with Paul Menard."

Holly was exited, as Paul Menard was her favorite driver in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

"Next question", the operator said, "true or false, Paul Menard races part-time in the Xfinity Series."

"True", Holly said.

Downstairs, Blue was listening in on the conversation.

"I wonder what she's goanna say next", Blue said.

Holly could hear Blue.

"Blue", Holly said, "go away, I'm trying to hear the operator."

"Final question", the operator said, "what is the name of Paul Menard's daughter?"

Holly thought hard about this.

"I know this", Holly said.

Downstairs, Blue walked away, and accidentally unplugged the phone, causing Holly to lose the call.

"Remi", Holly said, "his daughter's name is Remi Barbara Christine Menard!"

She then became upset that her call got disconnected.

"Blue", Holly shouted.

Downstairs, Blue was fearing for her very life.

"This is bad", Blue said, "when Holly comes down here, she's goanna kill me."

She then heard footsteps, and saw Holly walking downstairs towards her.

"Hi, Holly", Blue said.

Holly just walked into the kitchen.

"I wonder what's up with her", Blue said.

Blue walked into the kitchen and saw Holly making a smoothie.

"Hey, Holly", Blue said, "you mad about what happened?"

Holly turned on the blender and poured some smoothie into a cup, and she drank it.

"It's cool", Holly said, "no big deal."

Holly then put the lid on the blender in a weird position and turned it on, causing smoothie to get all over Blue.

"That does not taste like forgiveness", Blue said.

Later, Blue walked into Holly's room.

"Holly", Blue said.

"Go away", Holly said.

"I'm sorry", Blue said.

"Sorry doesn't cut it", Holly said, "I worked really hard to get in the contest, and now my chances just went down the drain."

Blue then began to feel guilty.

"Maybe I can make it up to you", Blue said.

"Get lost", Holly said.

"No, really", Blue said, "I know a guy who might be able to arrange something just as good."

Holly thought about it for a second.

"How do I know this is true", Holly asked.

"Would I lie to you", Blue asked.

"Alright", Holly said.

"Great", Blue said, "bring your Paul Menard gear, because you're goanna have the time of your life!"

The next day, Holly and Blue were walking around town, with the former wearing a Paul Menard t-shirt, a Paul Menard hat, a Paul Menard lanyard with a Paul Menard keychain, and carrying a die-cast of Paul Menard's car.

"I hope this is as exiting as you implied it to be", Holly said.

"It sure is", Blue said.

Blue then showed Holly the way to a tour bus with the Menards logo on it.

"It's Paul Menard's bus", Blue said.

"I don't think this is such a good idea", Holly said.

"Come on", Blue said, "Paul Menard might be in there."

Holly then ran inside, and Blue followed.

"Look at this place", Holly said.

"It's really cool", Blue said.

Holly then took a selfie with the bus' interior in the background.

"We better go before someone comes", Holly said.

They began to walk away, when a man encountered them.

"Ah", the man said, "you must be Havina and Azul."

Holly and Blue were confused.

"You know", the man said, "the famous Puerto Rican music duo?"

Realizing what was going on, Holly and Blue decided to play along by speaking in Spanish accents.

"Yes, that is us", Holly said, "who are you?"

"I'm your bus driver, Matt", the man said, "I'll get you to your destination in two shakes of a dog's tail."

"And where is this destination", Holly asked.

"The filming area at the local Menards", Matt said, "remember?"

The bus then drove away, leaving behind the real Havina and Azul.

"Aye yai yai", Havina said.

On the bus, Holly and Blue were panicking.

"This is bad", Holly said, "the driver thinks we're a Puerto Rican singing duo."

"It's not too bad", Blue said, "it makes me feel famous."

"But people are never going to think it's us", Holly said, "I don't look Puerto Rican at all."

"Maybe", Blue said, "but your Spanish accent is pretty convincing."

Then, the bus stopped.

"We're here", Matt said.

They then got out and saw that they were at Menards.

"What's going on here", Holly asked.

"We're filming that new commercial", Matt said, "John Menard Jr. hired you two to sing a song to go with it."

"Oh", Holly said.

Holly and Blue then became worried.

"Alright, places everyone", the director said, "Havina, Azul, read the cards."

Holly and Blue then began singing a song that went like this:

Come on over to Menards
The retail stores that's got it all
But don't just take it from the two of us
Take it from John's son Paul

Then, Paul Menard did a burnout in his #27 Valvoline/Menards Chevrolet SS.

"Come on down to your local Menards for all your home improvement needs", Paul said.

"And cut", the director said.

Holly then became exited.

"Wow", Holly said, "you're Paul Menard!"

"Yes I am", Paul said, "it's a pleasure to rub elbows with a famous singing duo such as yourselves."

Then, they saw the real Havina and Azul walk up.

"Arrest them", Havina said, "those two imposters stole our identity."

"What", the director asked.

"It was an accident", Holly said, "we went on the bus to meet Paul Menard, he wasn't there, the driver came and mistook us for those two, and the next thing we know, we're here."

"Security", the director said.

Holly and Blue were then being dragged away by two security guards.

"Wait", Paul said.

The guards then stopped.

"Is this true", Paul asked.

"Yes", Blue said, "I messed up Holly's chance to win the contest where the grand prize was lunch with you, so I brought her to your bus to make it up to her.

Paul found what Blue had said touching.

"Release them", Paul said.

The guards let Holly and Blue go.

"Fellas", Paul said, "I'm goanna give you the lunch you were hoping for."

"Really", Holly asked.

"Yep", Paul said, "we've got some time before we have to reshoot the commercial with the real Havina and Blue, so how's about some lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings?"

"You bet", Holly said.

Holly and Blue then walked away to have their lunch with Paul Menard.

The End


  • Steve Sr. and Olivia are absent in this episode.

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