Home Come With Me is the fifth episode of the first season of Bailey's World.

Summary Edit

It's homecoming at the high school, and Freddy asks Leni Loud out as his date out of pity, but it later comes to show that they're meant to be more than friends.

Story Edit

One day at Jerry Lewis High School, Freddie and Henry were in the cafeteria having lunch and discussing the upcoming Homecoming Dance.

"So, Henry," asked Freddie, "are you going to go to the dance on Friday?"

"Maybe," said Henry, "But I'm definitely going to the game today."

"Same," said Freddie, "Go Stingrays!"

"Yup," said Henry

Just then, they spotted Leni Loud coming out of the serving area and making her way to a table.

"Hey, look," said Henry, "there's Leni Loud!"

"Yeah," said Freddie as he took a bite from his tuna sandwich, "what a babe!"

Just then, the boys witnessed another boy from the table the school football players were sitting at trip Leni as she made her way out of the serving area, making her fall on the floor and spill her lunch.

"Get some friends, loser," the boy said.

Some of the other students at the boy's table laughed as Leni broke down crying.

"Oh," said Henry, "that's just cold!"

"Yeah," said Freddie, "let's go help her out."

Henry and Freddie jumped out of their seats and went over to the table to help Leni.

"Are you alright, Leni," asked Henry.

"I think so," Leni sniveled.

"Wanna sit with us," asked Freddie, "there's plenty of room."

"Yes, please," said Leni with a smile, "thank you."

As Henry and Freddie helped Leni up, Freddie looked sternly at the other boys.

"Pull a stunt like that again and I'm telling Mr. Hatt," said Freddie sternly.

"Whatever," said the boy.

"Sheesh," thought Freddie as he and Henry walked Leni to their table, "the nerve of some people!"

After Leni had sat down with Henry and Freddie, Freddie got some napkins for Leni to dry her tears with while Henry got out some cheese and pickle sandwiches and gave one to Leni.

"Would you like one of my sandwiches," Henry asked.

"Sure," said Leni, "thanks."

"And here," said Freddie as he took some pretzel rods out of his lunchbox, "You can also have some of my pretzel rods."

"And one of my mom's famous white chocolate brownies," said Henry as he offered one of said brownies to Leni.

"Wow," said Leni, "thanks, you guys!"

"No problem," said Freddie.

All of a sudden, Freddie felt a voice inside of him saying "Ask her!" and he turned to Leni.

"Leni," asked Freddie.

"Yeah, Freddie," asked Leni.

"Would you like to come to the dance with me," asked Freddie.

Leni was so surprised she nearly choked on one of the pretzel rods.

"Uh, Leni," asked Henry.

"Yes," Leni cried out loud, "I'd love to go to the dance with you, Freddie!"

Henry then stood up on the table and whistled loudly to get everyone else's attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen," said Henry, "Freddie Benson has invited Leni Loud to the dance!"

Everyone clapped and cheered for Leni and Freddie, all except the football players who tripped Leni, who just sat there and ate their meals.

Later, after school, Freddie, Henry, Bailey, Jonny, Hudson, Dice, and Leni were driving home in Freddie's 1965 Ford Econoline van, with Leni riding shotgun with Freddie.

"I can't believe they did that," said Bailey.

"Yeah," said Jonny, "that was just mean!"

"I even told them that if they do it again, I was going to tell Mr. Hatt," said Freddie.

Soon, they pulled up at the Hardy/Loud residence and Leni got out. After Leni got out, Henry got back into the seat next to Freddie's and they drove off for Bailey's house to drop Bailey off, then to their apartment building, where they played some Wii Sports on Henry's Wii until it was time to go to the game. After the game, they stopped by the Hardy/Loud residence. Freddie went up to the door and rang the doorbell.

"Hello, guys," said Joey Hardy as he opened the door.

"Hey, Joey," said Freddie, "We came to ask what Leni will be wearing to the dance tomorrow."

"Good thing you came by," said Joey, "Leni's just showing us the dress she got."

With that, they went inside and saw Leni wearing a dark blue silk knee-length ballgown with a matching bow and dark blue sandals.

"Wow," said Freddie, "nice dress!"

"Thanks," said Leni, "I got it for 20% off!"

"Sheesh," said Jonny, "what a bargain!"

"Would you guys like to stay for dinner," asked Lori, Joey's girlfriend.

"We'd like to," said Bailey, "but we've got to go pick something out for Freddie."

"Alright," said Leni, "see you at the dance!"

"You too," said Freddie, "and by the way, we won."

"That's great," said Lynn, Jonny's girlfriend.

Soon, they boys were at the mall picking out an outfit for Freddie.

"Now," said Bailey, "We need something that matches."

"And something that'll be considered semi-formal," added Hudson, "because it is a semi-formal dance."

Henry then found a dark blue cardigan with a pair of matching corduroy pants and some dark blue suede shoes.

"Nice find," said Jonny.

"And they're all in my size," said Freddie as he read the size tags.

"Great," said Henry, "let's go buy them!"

They went to the register and plopped their purchases on the counter.

"That'll be $45.00 please," said the cashier.

Freddie reached into his wallet and gave the cashier a fifty.

"And keep the change," said Freddie.

After making their purchases, the boys had dinner in the food court, then headed off for Bailey's house. When they got there, Freddie tried on his new clothes in the bathroom and came out.

"How do I look," asked Freddie.

"You looked great," said Jonny.

"You're ready for that dance," said Henry.

"Hey, Henry," asked Bailey, "who're you going out with?"

Henry smacked his hand to his forehead.

"Rats," said Henry, "I was going to ask Luna to the dance, but I forgot!"

"It's alright," said Bailey, "there's still time to call her."

"Yeah," said Dice, "the dance is not till tomorrow night."

"Maybe I should call her," said Henry as he got out his phone, "who knows, she might say yes."

Henry was right. Luna did say yes. She also told him that she was going to wear a purple dress she'd bought at the mall the previous week with a pair of matching high-heels and a heart-shaped hairpin.

"Fantastic," said Henry after he hung up, "I've got the perfect thing that matches!"

"Great," said Bailey, "now we won't have to worry about going back to the mall."

Soon, the day of the dance arrived. Since they were still in middle school and therefore couldn't go to the dance, Jonny, Bailey, Dice, and Hudson were invited to spend the evening with Frank, Joey, and the other Loud sisters. At the Harts' apartment, the boys saw Henry come out wearing a dark purple tuxedo with a matching bow tie, along with a pair of black and white Oxford shoes.

"Nice," said Jonny, "you look sharp, dude."

"Thanks," said Henry, "let's get this show on the road!"

With that, the boys got into the van and drove off for the high school, but not before dropping Jonny, Bailey, Hudson, and Dice off at the Hardy/Loud residence and picking up Leni and Luna.

"Have fun, you two," Frank called as the van pulled out.

"We will," said Leni and Luna in unison.

Soon enough, Freddie, Leni, Henry, and Luna had arrived at the school and were making their way into the gym, where the dance was being held. Before going into the gym, Freddie slipped on a dark blue corsage to go with the dress.

"Freddie," gasped Leni, "you shouldn't have!"

"For you, Minha Linda Flor," said Freddie.

Then, the principal, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt, spoke into a mic.

"Welcome to this year's Homecoming Dance," said Mr. Hatt, "I'm very pleased to have you all come! With us tonight is a very special guest who will be our DJ tonight. Please welcome, the lead singer for The Sensations himself, Mister Steven Michael Burns, Jr.!"

Everyone clapped and cheered as Steve held his hands up in a peace sign.

"Thank you all for for inviting me here," said Steve, "it's been a long time since I've set foot in this school. Brings back so many memories. Anyways, tonight, I will be playing lots of hit tunes from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. So, without further or due, let's get this party started! Oh, and one more thing; at least try and save me some of that banana cream pie over there on the buffet table."

Everyone laughed at Steve's joke. Soon, the party began with Steve playing Huey Lewis & The News' "Hip To Be Square".

"Man," said Freddie, "this is one heck of a dance, huh, Leni?"

"Yeah," said Leni, "I've never had this much fun in my life!"

After "Hip To Be Square" finished, Steve played The Beatles' "Twist And Shout," then Earth, Wind, & Fire's "Let's Groove", then spoke into the mic again.

"Alright, dudes and dudettes," said Steve, "we're gonna slow things down a bit now with a Couples Dance."

Steve then played Survivor's "The Search Is Over", and Freddie and Henry soon began to dance with their girlfriends. However, halfway through the song, something went terribly wrong. Henry felt a drop of water fall on his head.

"Where did that come from," asked Henry.

"Where did what come from," asked Luna.

Then, Luna got hit by a drop of water.

"That," said Henry.

"I doubt the roof's leaking," said Luna, "it hasn't been raining that hard at all lately."

Just then, Henry looked up just as the emergency sprinklers started pouring on everyone.

"What the," gasped Freddie.

"What's happening," asked Leni.

Everyone then started panicking. To make matters worse, some of the water had gotten on Steve's DJ equipment, causing it to short circuit and blow out. Fortunately, it didn't catch fire and Mr. Hatt was able to shut off the automatic sprinklers. Unfortunately, by the time they were shut off, everyone's outfit was ruined. Leni looked down and saw her dress was ruined.

"And I just bought this thing," Leni cried.

Leni then ran out of the gym crying.

"Leni," Freddie called out, "wait!"

Freddie then took off after Leni, followed by Henry and Luna. In no time, they found her sitting on one of the benches by the flagpole, crying into her hands.

"Oh, Leni," Freddie said as he hugged Leni, "it's okay. I'm here now."

"I've never been this humiliated in all my high school life," Leni cried.

Freddie then looked at Henry and Luna.

"Anyone got a good idea who could've done this," asked Freddie, "whatever it was, I'm sure it was no accident."

Just then, Mr. Hatt and Steve came out.

"Are you alright, Leni," asked Steve.

"I don't know," sniveled Leni.

"I think you boys should go home," said Mr. Hatt.

"Agreed," said Henry.

Meanwhile, at the Hardy/Loud residence, Frank was reading a newspaper while Jonny and Lynn watched I Love Lucy with Joey and Lori, Hudson played Twister with Luan, Lana, and Lola, Bailey played Angry Birds on his phone, and while Dice chatted with Lucy and Lisa.

"Such a quiet evening," said Lori.

"Yeah, it is," said Joey.

Just then, Freddie, Leni, Luna, and Henry came in, Leni dabbing a tissue against her eyes. The others were surprised.

"Leni," asked Lori, "what happened?"

"Someone set off the sprinkler system at the dance," said Luna, "and it ruined me and Leni's new dresses!"

When Frank heard this, he grew so mad that he crumpled up the newspaper and threw it across the room.

"It was a boring article, anyways," said Frank.

Frank then got up and stormed over to the phone.

"Who is this kid," asked Frank, "I'm calling his father right now!"

"I don't know the kid," sobbed Leni.

"Then who does," asked Frank.

"I think I know," said Freddie, "it was probably that Dash Baxter kid. He's always doing stuff like that."

"Thanks," said Frank, "do you know his dad's number?"

"Yes," said Freddie.

Freddie said each digit one by one as Frank dialed it. Soon, a man's voice was heard.

"Hello," said the voice, "who is this?"

"This is Frank Hardy," said Frank, "is this Mr. Baxter?"

"This is Mr. Baxter," said the voice, "what can I do for you?"

While Frank talked to Mr. Baxter, Leni and Luna went to their room to put on some dry clothes while Freddie and Henry did the same at their apartment building. When Freddie and Henry came back and the girls got on some normal clothes, they sat down to watch the show with Joey and Lori. About a few minutes later, the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it," said Lana.

Lana went to the door and opened it. There, on the doorstep, was Steve's brother, Joe.

"Hey, Joe," said Frank, "come on in."

With that, Joe came in.

"So," asked Jonny, "What's up?"

"Steve and Mr. Hatt wanted me to say how sorry they are for what happened and Mr. Hatt promised to deal with those responsible," explained Joe, "and they also wanted me to give you these."

Joe then handed Freddie and Leni a couple of cards, and when they opened them, they saw that they had been named the Homecoming King and Queen out of sympathy, same with Henry and Luna, who had been named the Homecoming Prince and Princess.

"Wow," said Freddie, "awesome!"

"Are my eyes playing tricks on me," asked Luna.

"Apparently not," said Henry, who then embraced Luna.

"Well," said Joe, "I'd love to stay and chat, but I've gotta get home. Steve and I are going to visit our family for our dad's birthday."

"Alright then," said Joey, "say hi to Holly for me!"

"Will do," said Joe, "goodnight, guys!"

"Goodnight, Joe," everyone else called.

After Joe left, the boys headed back to their apartment to call it a night. The next Monday at school, Freddie and Leni sat together again at lunch, same with Henry and Luna. They also found out that Dash had been suspended for 3 weeks for his actions as well as being kicked off the football team.

"Hey, Leni," said Freddie, "I've noticed something."

"And that would be," asked Leni.

"Last Friday at the dance felt like the beginning of a new chapter in both our lives," said Freddie.

"Yeah," said Leni, "I guess great minds think alike."

"You know," said Henry, "I've felt the same way with Luna."

"Yeah," said Luna, "I think something must be going on between all 4 of us."

"I think so," said Freddie, "So, Leni, got anything going on after school on Friday?"

"Well," said Leni, "I DO have a pottery class after school at the community center at 3:30. Then after that, I'm free. Why'd you ask?"

"Well," explained Freddie, "I was wondering if you'd like to go to the movies to see the new Guardians Of The Galaxy movie."

"Sure," said Leni, "why not?"

"How about you, Luna," asked Henry, "got anything going on?"

"I don't think so," said Luna, "but yes, I'd love to go to the movies."

"Wow," said Henry, "Great minds think alike."

"Indeed they do," said Luna.

The friends all had a good laugh while having their lunches.

The End

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