Home Security Hassle is the second episode of the first season of Holly & Blue


Holly and Blue take home security to the next level after getting in trouble with Steve Sr. for always leaving the front door unlocked.


One evening, Steve Sr. and Olivia drove up to the house in the family's Toyota Highlander and pulled into the driveway.

"I'm telling you", Olivia said, "I have no regrets spending a hundred dollars a night for dance classes."

"Me neither", Steve Sr. said, "I think I'm getting the hang of the tango."

Steve Sr. twirled Olivia, and she crashed into a rose bush.

"Ow, ow, thorns", Olivia said.

"I'll get the first aid kit", Steve Sr. said.

Steve Sr. went to unlock the door, but found that it was already unlocked.

"Darn that girl and her dog", Steve Sr. said.

Steve Sr. burst into the house, getting Holly and Blue's attention.

"How many times have I told you two to keep the door locked", Steve Sr. asked.

"Relax, Dad", Holly said, "it's no big deal."

"Oh, it's a big deal, alright", Steve Sr. said, "there have been some burglaries lately, and I don't want us to be next."

Steve Sr. walked over to the door and locked it.

"See", Steve Sr. said, "is it really that hard to lock the door?"

Steve Sr. walked away to his and Olivia's room, forgetting about Olivia.

"Uh, honey", Olivia said.

In Holly's room, Holly and Blue had a discussion.

"Listen, Blue", Holly said, "Dad's right, we need to start being responsible, or we're goanna loose everything."

"Oh, please", Blue said, "there's nothing here worth stealing."

"True", Holly said, "but you never know what burglars can take, they may even have an interest in Polka Dots."

Blue clutched onto her precious stuffed puppy, Polka Dots.

"Point made", Blue said, "what are we goanna do?"

"Locking the door won't be enough", Holly said, "we need to do something drastic."

The next day, Holly went downstairs and saw Blue putting Polka Dots in the shower.

"What are you doing", Holly asked.

"I'm using the bathroom as our safe room", Blue said.

"Why the bathroom", Holly asked.

"Why not", Blue asked.

"Fair point", Holly said, "I'll go get my magic kit."

Holly went upstairs, got her magic kit, and set it in the shower next to Polka dots.

"There", Holly said, "now let's head upstairs, there's something I wanna show you."

They walked upstairs and went into Holly's room, where there was a police scanner.

"This will be our command center", Holly said, "if anything goes on in Starlet City, we'll be the first to know about it."

Then, they heard the scanner.

"Attention, all units", a woman said, "we've got a 10-94 in Downtown Starlet City."

"What's that", Blue asked.

"Drag racing", Holly said.

"This used to be a nice town", Blue said.

That night, Steve Sr. and Olivia came out of their room, ready for class.

"I've got my dancing shoes on, and I'm ready to get jiggy", Steve Sr. said.

"Please, never say that again", Olivia said.

Then, Holly walked downstairs wearing shades and a police hat, and stood in front of the door.

"I'm goanna need you two to state your business before I can let you leave", Holly said, "new security measures."

"We're just going to dance class", Olivia said.

"Okay then", Holly said, "proceed to the car."

Steve Sr. and Olivia walked outside to where the car was parked.

"You know", Steve Sr. said, "I think I got to them."

In Holly and Blue's room, the scanner came on again.

"Attention, all units", the woman said, "we've got a 10-95 at Cool Street."

"What's that one", Blue asked.

Holly looked in her book.

"It means subject in custody", Holly said, "they caught the burglar!"

They then cheered.

"Now", Holly said, "let's go have some lemonade to celebrate."

Later that night, Steve Sr. and Olivia returned from dance class.

"Let me tell you", Steve Sr. said, "one hussle, and I'm a pro."

Steve Sr. twirled Olivia, and she crashed into a mud puddle.

"How about you hussle in and get me a towel", Olivia said.

Steve Sr. went to unlock the door, but found that it was already unlocked.

"Aw, come on", Steve Sr. said.

Inside, Holly and Blue were taking their things out of the bathroom.

"Guys", Steve Sr. said, "I just found the door wide open!"

"We don't have to worry anymore, Dad", Holly said, "they caught the burglar."

"That's great news, but there could be other burglars", Steve Sr. said.

"I doubt it", Holly said, "the only thing close to a real crime that we heard about is drag racing."

Holly and Blue went upstairs.

"Why doesn't anyone listen to me", Steve Sr. asked.

Steve Sr. locked the front door, forgetting about Olivia once again.

"Uh, honey", Olivia said.

The next night, Steve Sr. and Olivia went to go to dance class.

"Off to dance class", Steve Sr. said, "please keep the door locked."

"Okay, Dad", Holly said.

The second they left, Holly and Blue heard something.

"I've been robbed", a voice shouted.

"What was that", Blue asked.

It was their next-door neighbor, Kevin.

"What happened", Holly asked.

"They cleaned my out", Kevin said, "my TV, my silverware, everything!"

"Mr. Dad was right", Blue said, "there are other burglars."

"Well we've got work to do", Holly said.

When they got home, Holly and Blue put Polka Dots and Holly's magic kit in the bathroom.

"There", Holly said, "they'll be safe in here."

Later, they filled a vat with hot bacon grease.

"Let's get greasy", Holly said.

"What about all this bacon", Blue asked.

There was a pile of bacon on the table.

"I don't know yet", Holly said, "but I'll think of something."

Later, Blue dug a trench around the house and Holly placed barbed wires around it.

"There", Holly said, "no burglar's getting across this ditch."

"But just in case they do", Blue said.

Blue set mousetraps all over the backyard.

"There", Blue said.

"One problem", Holly said, "how are you goanna get out?"

"I've got this", Blue said.

Blue tried maneuvering carefully, but tripped and set off several mousetraps.

"Ow", Blue said.

Later, Holly and Blue walked into the front yard and got a good look at the house.

"I think that does it", Holly said.

Later, Steve Sr. and Olivia returned, and Blue shone a spotlight on them.

"Oh", Blue said, "it's only Mrs. Mom and Mr. Dad."

She opened the gate to let them in, and they got out of the car.

"What's all this", Olivia asked.

Holly walked over wearing her shades and police hat.

"Good evening", Holly said, "I'm goanna need to conduct a routine body search."

"What's going on here", Steve Sr. asked.

Blue slid down the ladder leading to the search tower she was in.

"Kevin next door got robbed, so we had to beef up security", Blue said, "we used your credit card."

"Kids", Steve Sr. said, "I'm glad you're taking this seriously, but you may have gone a little overboard."

Olivia was leaned against the car and being scanned by Holly.

"A little", Olivia asked.

"We don't need all this security", Steve Sr. said, "if we just lock our doors and windows, we should be fine, now everyone to bed."

Holly and Blue then went inside.

"Better get Polka Dots out of the bathroom so I can sleep tonight", Blue said.

Later that night, Steve Sr. snuck out of the house with a basket of muffins and knocked on Kevin's door.

"Thanks for pretending to be robbed", Steve Sr. said, "I think my daughter and her dog learned their lesson."

"I would've scared them for free, but I'll gladly take your muffins", Kevin said.

In the kitchen in the Burns house, Holly was getting a glass of water.

"Whoops", Holly said, "almost forgot."

Holly locked the back door.

"Dad would be so proud of me", Holly said.

Steve Sr. went to go in through the back door, but it was locked.

"Darn", Steve Sr. said.

He tried to get in through the window, but he set off an alarm in the bedrooms.

"Battle station, Blue", Holly said, "there's a burglar on the premises!"

Steve Sr. tried to enter through the basement, but a foghorn went off, causing hip to walk backwards into Blue's mousetraps.

"Ow", Steve Sr. said.

Upstairs, Holly and Blue were holding the vat of bacon grease from the attic window.

"Eat hot bacon grease", Holly said.

They poured the bacon grease, but it was congealed, and Steve Sr.'s head got stuck inside.

"Make that congealed bacon grease", Holly said.

Holly and Blue rappelled down to the yard, and Holly picked up a baseball bat.

"Give him heck", Holly said.

They then began attacking Steve Sr., when Olivia came outside.

"Wait", Olivia said, "I know those dancing shoes!"

She got them off of Steve Sr.

"Dad", Holly asked, "what are you doing out here?"

"I was going for a walk and I got locked out", Steve Sr. said.

"Sorry about that, Dad", Holly said, "we thought you were a burglar."

"Hey", Kevin said.

They looked next door and saw Kevin, who's face was swollen.

"These muffins have blueberries in them", Kevin said, "next time you wanna pay me for pretending to be robbed, maybe give me something I'm not allergic to!"

"Wait", Holly said, "pretend to be robbed?"

Holly, Blue, and Olivia stared at Steve Sr.

"I'm sorry, guys", Steve Sr. said, "I wanted to teach you to lock the dang door so I could protect my most valuable possession, my family."

The family then hugged.

"That's strange", Holly said.

"What is it", Blue asked.

"I could've sworn I installed a piranha pool out here", Holly said.

Steve Sr. then fell into a trapdoor leading to a pool of water with piranhas in it.

"There it is", Holly said.

The End

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