Hooked On Hooky is the first episode of the first season of We're Just Kids.


Sick of having to go to school every day, the kids (except Nonny) decide to play hooky and have a good time, at least that's what they tell themselves.


One afternoon after school, the kids were hanging out at the junkyard.

"Man, I wish we didn't have to go back to school tomorrow", Molly said.

"Me too", Shimmer said, "I don't feel like sitting in some cruddy classroom."

"Yeah", Nonny said, "sitting in there, doing assignments when we could be having fun in the daylight."

"Si", Tracker said, "we could be on our skateboards."

"Or playing Frisbee", Deema said.

"How come we've got to go to school anyways", Blaze asked.

"Because you have to". Shine said, "everyone has to go to school at least once in their lives."

"Yeah", Tracker said, "but we don't have to."

"Oh yes you do", Shimmer said, "they've got this piece of paper with your name on it, and when they call your name during role call and you're not there, they put a little mark by your name."

"So", Tracker asked.

"So, when you mom gets your report card, she'll ask 'well, why weren't you at school'", Shimmer said.

"Oh please, Mom can't remember all those days I'm absent", Tracker said, "besides, I'd just say that it was a mistake the teacher made."

"I've got an idea", Blaze said, "let's take a day off from school tomorrow."

"Great idea", Molly said, "tomorrow, we take the whole day off."

Everyone liked the idea, though Nonny had his doubts.

"I don't know", Nonny said, "our folks will be mad if we get caught."

"Exactly", Tracker said, "if we get caught."

"It's a big if", Nonny said.

The next day, Shimmer and Shine were getting ready to go to school.

"Bye, Mom", Shimmer said, "we're off to school."

"I thought we were playing hooky", Shine said.

"What was that", Mrs. Aljunni asked.

Shimmer covered Shine's mouth.

"Uh, cookie", Shimmer said, "she said save us a cookie for when we get back."

Elsewhere, Blaze and Molly were waiting for Deema outside her condo.

"Come on, Deema", Molly said, "it's time for school."

"Yeah", Blaze said, "don't wanna be late for school."

Deema then came out her front door.

"So long, Mom", Deema said, "if you need me, I'll be at school all day."

Shimmer and Shine then joined them and they walked over to Tracker's house.

"Hey, Tracker", Molly said, "how's it going?"

"Look what my mom gave me", Chase said, "an apple for the teacher."

Chase then took a bite out of the apple and everyone laughed.

"Is everybody ready", Molly asked.

"Wait, where's Nonny", Shine asked.

Nonny was hiding in an alley with his lunchbox and tried to sneak to school, but the others caught him.

"Hola, Nonny", Tracker said, "what's been going on?"

"Hey, guys", Nonny said.

"What are you doing with your lunchbox", Shimmer asked.

"Don't you get it", Molly said, "he's playing it cool, making it look like he's going to school."

"Funny thing", Nonny said, "I am going to school."

"You hear that", Molly said, "he's going to school."

Molly began laughing, but realized what he said.

"You're going to school", Molly asked.

"Yeah", Nonny said, "I gotta do some rearranging in my locker."

The others looked at him.

"It's a big mess", Nonny said.

The others continued looking at him.

"I think it's best I do it before it gets too full", Nonny said.

"Nonny's a chicken", Shine said.

"Nonny is a chicken, Nonny is a chicken", the others chanted.

"Am not", Nonny said, "I just don't wanna play hooky!"

Nonny then left for school.

"Man", Blaze said, "Nonny sure is ticked off."

Tracker then climbed up a fence.

"Si", Tracker said, "he's so uptight, no telling what he'll do."

Shine then climbed into a tree.

"I'll bet he'll tear his locker door right off it's hinges", Shine said.

Molly then did a handstand.

"Then he'll slam his books on his desk so hard that the whole building will shake", Molly said.

"And then he'll tell the teacher we're playing hooky", Deema said.

Upon hearing this, Tracker, Shine, and Molly fell down.

"He wouldn't do that to us, would he", Blaze asked.

"Yes he would", Shimmer said.

"Oh boy", Blaze said.

Later, the kids were riding down the hill on their skateboards, with Blaze driving beside them on the road.

"Man, hooky is great", Blaze said, "couldn't do this at school."

Then, they saw an old man walking down the sidewalk pushing a shopping cart full of trash.

"Look out", Shimmer said.

They then crashed into him.

"What's the matter with you kids rolling down the hill and banging into an old man with his junk wagon", the old man asked.

"We're sorry, sir", Shimmer said, "we'll clean it up for you."

"Don't get mad, mister", Molly said.

"I don't need your help", the old man said, "what are you kids doing out of school anyway?"

"What school", Blaze asked.

"I see what's going on here", the old man said, "you kids are ditching school just so you can mess up an old man with his junk wagon."

"No we're not", Tracker said.

"I'm calling the police", the old man said, "help, police, help, these are messing up an old man with his junk wagon!"

The kids then ran away.

"Wait, Shimmer", Shine said, "I want my skateboard."

"Do you want to get caught by the police", Shimmer asked.

"No", Shine said.

"Then come on", Shimmer said.

They then ran away.

"Help", the old man said, "you kids come back here and wait for the police to whoop you!"

Later, at a construction site, Deema poked her head out of a pipe and looked around.

"Okay", Deema said, "the coast is clear."

The others came out of their hiding places.

"I sure hope that the old man with the junk wagon doesn't tell the police on us", Blaze said.

"He doesn't know who we are", Tracker said.

"But Nonny does", Shine said, "and he's goanna tell everyone at school that we're playing hooky."

"Now hold on", Shimmer said, "Nonny's our friend, he wouldn't spill the beans on us."

"Yeah", Molly said, "we're playing hooky to have fun."

"That's right", Tracker said, "now let's head over to the junkyard and have some fun."

By the river, the kids were sitting in a boat.

"How are we goanna get a boat ride", Blaze asked.

"It's simple", Tracker said, "once that ferry boat comes this way, Molly's goanna fling that harpoon made from an old lamp at it, and we'll get a free tow down the river."

Then, the ferry approached.

"Here goes nothing", Molly said, "one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, it's time to go."

Molly threw the harpoon at the ferry, but it ripped the front of the boat off.

"Maybe we should've harpooned a smaller boat", Molly said.

Later, Molly and Blaze had built a ski jump, and Tracker, Shimmer, Shine, and Deema were going to ride down it in a wooden crate.

"Alright, amigos", Tracker said, "you do as I say, and this old crate will fly off that ramp and into the sky."

"Let me out", Shine said, "I'm scared."

"Relax", Shimmer said, "we'll fly up into the air, and then land in that pile of ashes."

"You guys ready", Blaze asked.

"Si", Tracker said.

They slid down the ski jump, but instead of flying into the air, they crashed into the ashes.

"I don't know about that old bootsled", Molly said.

"That's bobsled", Tracker said.

"The way you drive it, it's a boobsled", Deema said.

Later, Tracker looked around a corner and saw his dad sitting on a bench reading a newspaper.

"Crud", Tracker said.

"What is it", Blaze asked.

"It's my Dad", Tracker said.

The others were worried.

"This is bad", Shimmer said, "if Tracker's dad sees us, we're busted for sure."

Tracker then saw a clothing store and got an idea.

"Maybe not", Tracker said, "I've got a plan."

They all put on fedoras, trench coats, and gag glasses, and tiptoed past the bench, and Mr. Cachorro didn't even look up from his newspaper.

"Man", Shimmer said, "that was close."

Later, they went over to the rail yard, and saw a coal car.

"Who wants to go for a ride", Blaze asked.

"We do", Shimmer said.

"Me too", Shine said.

They all got into the cart and Blaze pushed it and jumped in as it rolled away.

"Here we go", Blaze said.

They then began going down a hill fast.

"Woah", Blaze said, "we better slow this thing down a little bit."

They then saw Chuggie approaching on a 4-way track crossing, and barley avoided colliding with him.

"The brakes are out", Deema said.

"Turn harder", Blaze said.

Deema turned the wheel that was the brake, but it broke off.

"Don't worry", Blaze said, "hopefully, we'll just roll to a stop."

Then, they crashed into a barrier and flew onto a flatbed on a freight train.

"Woah", Blaze said, "for a minute I thought we were all washed up."

Then, the train went by a shower head, and the kids got soaked with water.

"Anyone got a towel", Blaze asked.

"Hey", a workman said, "what are you kids doing around here?"

The kids then made a run for it.

"Come back here", the workman said, "if I get my hands on you, you'll be sorry!"

The workman walked away, and Shine poked her head out from behind a crate.

"That man's going to turn us into the police", Shine said, "and then we're all goanna wind up in jail."

"Aw dry up", Tracker said.

"I wish I could", Shine said.

"I wish we all could", Molly said.

Later that night, the kids were wandering down the road, when they saw headlights coming from behind them.

"Car coming", Tracker said.

It was Butch Cassidy driving home from work.

"Hey, kids", Butch said.

"Hi, Butch", the kids said.

"What are you doing out here so late", Butch asked, "and why are you all soaking wet?"

"No reason", Tracker said.

"You kids aren't playing hooky, aren't you", Butch asked.

"No", the kids said.

Butch gave them a look.

"Okay, maybe we were", Tracker said, "what does it matter to you anyways?"

"We just wanted to take a day off and have some fun", Molly said.

"And did you have any fun", Butch asked.

The others thought, but couldn't think of anything.

"Not really, no", Tracker said.

"Well, I think maybe you kids might have learned something from your experience", Butch said, "school may not be the greatest, but the worst thing in the world is not going to school when there is school."

"You're right", Tracker said, "and tomorrow, we're goanna make things right."

The next morning, a milkman was making his rounds, when he saw the kids sitting in front of the school.

"Hey, what are you kids doing here", the milkman asked.

"Ever heard of dropouts", Blaze asked.

The milkman nodded his head yes.

"Well we're dropping in", Blaze said.

The milkman got in his van and drove away.

"Alright, fellas", Blaze said, "we've got some catching up to do, what year was the Magna Charta signed."

"It's Carta", Molly said.

"Shut up", Blaze said, "who's the teacher here, anyways?"

The End


  • This is the first episode to feature characters from Chuggie & Pals.
  • Upon closer inspection, the engine pulling the freight train appears to be Roger.

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