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Hudson Gimble is one of the main protagonists of Bailey's World and the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Vanilla.


Full Name: Hudson Jamie Gimble

Hudson Gimble

Also Known As: Goofball Gimble

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 16, 2002

Age: 14

Relatives: Brad Gimble (father), Janine Gimble (mother, deceased), James Gimble (paternal uncle)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Fair

Appearance Edit

Hudson always wears a dark blue button-down shirt over a red undershirt, olive jeans, and gray sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • Hudson shares his birthday with British children's author John Cunliffe
  • He gets his nickname from how he sometimes does goofy things in videos
  • His instrument is a Yamaha Electone B35N organ
  • His mother died of myocarditis when he was 3, which resulted in his uncle moving in to help his father raise him and becoming somewhat of a second father to him

Gallery Edit

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