I Swear is the tenth episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Blue overhears a man curse, and wants to know the meaning of the word he said.


One afternoon, at Steve Sr.'s sports shop, Feel The Burn, Blue was waiting outside for Steve Sr. to finish up so they could go home.

"What's taking Mr. Dad so long", Blue asked.

Down the road, she saw some construction workers doing road work.

"Hey, Tom", the foreman said, "pass me the pipe wrench."

"You got it", Tom said.

Tom went to get the pipe wrench, but another worker tripped him.

"(bleep)", Tom shouted.

Blue was surprised, and then Steve Sr. came outside.

"You ready to go", Steve Sr. asked.

"Yeah, sure", Blue said.

They then walked home.

"I need to know what the word that man said means", Blue said.

At the Burns residence, Holly had finished building a rocket out of LEGO bricks.

"There", Holly said.

Then, Blue entered.

"Holly", Blue said, "can I ask you something?"

"Sure", Holly said.

"What does (bleep) mean", Blue asked.

Holly was shocked, and accidentally knocked over her LEGO rocket, causing it to break.

"You better not let Mom and Dad hear you say that", Holly said.

"Why", Blue asked.

Before Holly could answer, Olivia entered the room.

"Is everything okay in here", Olivia asked.

"Yeah, Mom", Holly said, "just accidentally knocked over my LEGO rocket ship."

Later, after dinner, Blue went to her dog bed and took Polka-Dots out.

"I wish I knew what that word meant", Holly said, "do you know what it means?"

She then shook Polka-Dots' head "no".

"Of course not", Blue said, "and if I can't ask Mrs. Mom or Mr. Dad, who can I ask?"

The next day, Blue was talking to her friend, Green Puppy, at the playground at the town park.

"It's alright", Green said, "kids at the high school say that word all the time."

"You mean I can say it whenever I want", Blue asked.

"Absolutely", Green said.

Blue took a deep breath and was about to say it, but Green put her paw over her (Blue's) mouth.

"No, don't", Green said.

"Why", Blue asked.

"It should never be said in front of adult humans", Green said.

They then saw a young woman named Miranda dropping her pet dog, Magenta, off, and Green just whistled.

"That's what Holly said", Blue said.

"It's a swear word", Green said.

"What does that mean", Blue asked.

"It can turn any adult human into a mindless slave for a day", Green said, "why else do you think adults don't want anyone under 18 saying them?"

Then, Green's owner, Wynonna, took her away.

"See you around", Green said.

At the Burns house, Blue was playing with Polka-Dots.

"I can't help but wonder if Green was lying or not", Blue said, "I've gotta test it."

She then saw Miranda and Magenta walking into their house across the street.

"And I think I know how", Blue said.

Later, Blue called Magenta.

"So this word can make your owner do whatever they say", Magenta asked.

"Yep", Blue said.

Blue hung up and went upstairs to Holly's room.

"If I'm not mistaken, she'll be saying it in the next five minutes", Blue said.

She looked into Miranda's house through some binoculars, and saw Magenta walk into the kitchen.

"Make that the next ten seconds", Blue said.

"Okay, Blue, time for dinner", Olivia said.

Blue then continued looking.

"She hasn't said it yet", Blue said.

"Did you hear me, Blue", Olivia asked.

"Just a minute", Blue said.

"Not a minute, now", Olivia said.

Blue kept looking.

"Come on, say it", Blue said.

"Blue, your dinner is getting cold", Olivia asked.

Blue looked in, and saw Miranda react shockingly.

"I think she just said it", Blue said.

"Blue, are you even listening to me", Olivia asked.

"(bleep)", Blue said.

Blue then realized she had just said the swear word, and Olivia barged in.

"What did you say to me", Olivia asked.

"Uh, can I have a soda at dinner", Blue asked.

Olivia then glared at Blue.

"Green", Blue said.

Then, she heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it", Blue said.

Blue ran downstairs, and saw Miranda standing with Steve Sr., who was not happy.

"Uh, Holly did it", Blue said.

Later that night, Blue was in her bed, and Olivia was talking to her.

"Well, you're off the hook this time, since you didn't know what that word you said meant", Olivia said.

"Okay", Blue said.

"And I hope you learned a lesson from all this", Olivia said, "swear words are not something you should say out loud."

"Why", Blue asked.

"Because most people are offended by them", Olivia said, "it's as simple as that."

"Yes ma'am", Blue said, "but what do they mean?"

"Well, I guess they mean 'I want to hurt your feelings'", Olivia said, "goodnight, Blue."

"Goodnight", Blue said.

The next day, Blue saw Magenta, Green, Purple Kangaroo, and Orange kitten on the roundabout, saying the word.

"You're a (bleep)", Green said.

"No, you are", Magenta said.

Blue then walked up.

"So, did you say it to them", Green asked.

"What in the name of (bleep) did they do to you when they did", Purple asked.

"Thanks for teaching this word to us you (bleep)", Orange said.

Blue then realized what she had to do.

"Guys", Blue said, "there's something I need to tell you."

She then joined them on the roundabout and began explaining how hurtful swear words are.

The End


  • This is the first episode to feature Steve Sr.'s sport shop, Feel The Burn.

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