Itchy Lana is the twentieth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Lana comes inside all itchy, and Frank and Joey make it their mission to figure out why.


One afternoon, Lana walked inside for some lunch.

"Hey, Frank", Lana said, "what's for lunch."

"There's some leftovers you can re-heat", Frank said.

Lana put some spaghetti in the microwave, and began scratching her butt.

"Itchy", Lana said, "why am I so itchy?"

Frank and Joey noticed this and walked over.

"What's wrong", Frank asked.

"I feel so itchy", Lana said, "and I don't know why."

Frank and Joey were concerned.

"What could have caused this", Joey asked.

"I don't know", Frank said, "but we're goanna find out what."

The two walked away, determined to figure out what was making Lola itch.

"Okay, let's think", Frank said, "what did Lola do today that could make her so itchy."

"Maybe it was her sheets or pajamas", Joey said, "maybe one or the other needs to be washed."

"That makes sense", Joey said, "let's go take a look."

They went into Lola and Lana's room and Frank checked out the top bunk, where Lana slept, and Joey looked at her pajamas.

"The sheets look just fine to me", Frank said.

"And I fail to see how these pajamas can make her itchy", Joey said.

They then left the room.

"Maybe the laundry detergent is defective", Frank said.

"Good idea", Joey said.

They went into the laundry room and looked at the back of the laundry detergent box.

"Nothing here she's allergic to", Joey said.

"Right", Frank said, "let's keep looking."

They went into the living room to search for more clues.

"I just don't know what could have caused it", Frank said.

"Let's check the couch", Joey said.

They checked the couch for clues.

"Nothing", Frank said, "Joey?"

"Just this empty bag of itching powder I found under the couch", Joey said.

They then looked at each other.

"Luan", Frank and Joey said.

They walked over to Luan, who was reading a joke book on the stairs.

"Hey, guys", Luan said, "what's up?"

"Did you put itching powder in Lana's clothes", Joey asked.

"No", Luan said, "I haven't done anything bad since I put bubble bath in the exhaust pipe of Lori's car."

"When did you do that", Frank asked.

They heard Lori's Chevrolet Suburban start and saw bubbles in the driveway.

"Earlier this morning", Luan said.

"Then how do you explain this empty bag of itching powder we found under the couch", Joey asked.

"That was from a prank I pulled last month", Luan said.

"Okay", Frank said.

The two brothers then checked on Lana, who was scratching her butt.

"You doing okay, Lana", Frank asked.

"Not really", Lana said, "I haven't itched this bad in years."

"Well don't worry", Joey said, "we'll go to the ends of the earth to find the cause of your itching."

"Thanks, guys", Lana said.

"I don't get it", Joey said, "how could Lana be itchy for no apparent reason?"

Frank then stepped in the mud.

"Dang it", Frank said, "these are my new shoes."

Then, it hit Joey.

"That's it", Joey said, "she was playing in the mud before she came in for lunch."

"So", Frank asked.

"So, the mud must've given her a rash", Joey said.

"You're right", Frank said, "let's go."

Frank and Joey went inside to find Lana scratching her arm.

"Lana", Frank said, "let me see your arm."

"Why", Lana asked.

"Just show me your arm", Frank said.

Frank looked at her arm and saw a rash.

"Just as I thought", Frank said, "all that playing in the mud has given you a rash."

"What's a rash", Lana asked.

"A rash is when your skin gets red and itchy for some reason", Frank said, "in this case, it's because you've been playing in the mud too much."

"That's right", Joey said.

"Will it go away", Lana asked.

"It will go away soon", Frank said, "Joey, the cream."

Joey handed Frank a tube of rash cream.

"Just apply this cream to your rash for a few days, and it'll go away in no time", Frank said.

"Thank you, guys", Lana said.

"No problem", Frank said.

A few days later, Lana's rash had gone away, and she wasn't itchy anymore.

"I feel great", Lana said.

"That's good", Frank said, "now go play outside."

"Okay", Lana said.

Lana went outside, but instead of playing in the mud, she rode her bike around the neighborhood.

The End


  • Lori, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, and Lisa are absent in this episode.

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