Joey Hardy is the lead guitarist for The Sensations and one of the main protagonists of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Joseph Shaun Hardy


Also Known As: Jo-Jo

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: July 26, 2000

Age: 18

Relatives: Fenton Hardy (father), Laura Hardy (mother), Gertrude Hardy (aunt), Frank Hardy (older brother), Lori Loud (girlfriend), Bobby Santiago (frenemy)

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Fair

Notable Instruments: Rickenbacker 330/12, Guild X-180, Fender CJ-290SCE-12, Danelectro DG67, Danelectro DC-59 XII Fender Stratocaster, Vox Starstream, Guild T-500, Riverhead Les Paul, Hagstrom Swede, Gibson Firebird, Gretsch Country Gentleman, Gretsch G5438, Guild D-125-12

Appearance Edit

Joey always wears a green shirt, a yellow vest, a red ascot, brown pants, a black belt with a brass buckle, and black shoes.

Trivia Edit

  • Joey shares his birthday with former Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger and former Queen drummer Roger Taylor
  • He and his brother were encouraged to become musicians after listening to one of their mother's old Bob Dylan albums
  • He is younger than Frank even though he (Joey) is the taller of the two
  • He is also more muscular than Frank, thereby making him (Joey) the strongest member of the band
  • In the summer, he wears a yellow polo shirt, jeans, and white sneakers
  • At night, he wears a yellow t-shirt, blue pants, and black slippers for pajamas
  • He and Frank live with his (Joey's) girlfriend and her 8 sisters in a large house
  • He and Frank both share a yellow 1978 AMC Pacer that previously belonged to their father
  • He also owns the Volkswagen 21 minibus that the whole gang uses to go on vacations
  • His Guild D-125-12 was a birthday present from his girlfriend
  • He is also the youngest member of the band, as he is the only member who is still a teenager.

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