Josh Nichols is one of the main protagonists for White Falcon Adventures and the bassist for The White Falcons.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Joshua Adam Nichols

Josh Nichols

Also Known As: Joshy

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: November 10, 1998

Age: 18

Relatives: Kelly Nichols (biological mother; divorced), Walter Nichols (father), Audrey Parker (stepmother) Drake Parker (stepbrother), Megan Parker (stepsister)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

Skin Color: Fair

Appearance Edit

Josh always wears a blue button-down tee over a white crew-neck, blue jeans, and black sneakers.

Trivia Edit

  • Josh shares his birthday with American actor Josh Peck, who portrayed him on the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh
  • Josh's parents got divorced when he was younger, which resulted in his father marrying Mrs. Parker and he and Drake becoming stepbrothers
  • Josh's instrument is a Gretsch White Falcon Bass


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