Keeping Fit is the fourth episode of the first season of Holly & Blue.


Disappointed with Holly and Blue, Steve Sr. takes away their devices and gives them Fitbits, promising to give them (their devices) back if they both reach 10,000 steps.


One day, Holly was playing on her laptop, when Steve Sr. walked in the house with a box.

"Hey, Holl", Steve Sr. said, "a little help?"

"Yeah, sure, Dad", Holly said.

Steve Sr. then tripped, and crushed the box, causing a purple substance to come out of it.

"Dang it", Steve Sr. said, "I was goanna eat those jelly doughnuts."

Steve Sr. walked over to Holly and shook her shoulder.

"What is it", Holly asked.

"Holly", Steve Sr. said, "we need to talk."

"In a minute", Holly said, "I'm just checking my e-mail."

Steve Sr. then got on the computer and marked all the messages as read.

"There", Steve Sr. said, "all done."

"What's the matter", Holly asked.

"I'll tell you what's the matter", Steve Sr. said, "you've been on devices too long, so I'm confiscating them."

"What", Holly asked.

"That's right", Steve Sr. said, "you need to get some exercise."

He then handed her a Fitbit.

"You can keep track of how many steps you take with this", Steve Sr. said, "when you reach 10,000 steps, you can have your devices back."

"That's so unfair", Holly said.

Blue then popped up from behind the couch with her PearPad and wearing headphones.

"Hey, Holly", Blue said, "can you let me know when Dad gets back, I'm not supposed to be watching this."

She then noticed Steve Sr. looking at her.

"Uh-oh", Blue said.

Later, Holly and Blue were walking down the road.

"I can't believe Dad took away our devices", Holly said, "it could take forever to get 10,000 steps."

"Maybe we can get them all in one day", Blue said, "all we have to do is walk somewhere that's far away from home, and then walk back to the house."

"Where could we go", Holly asked.

"How about the arcade on the other side of town", Holly asked.

"That's a great idea", Blue said, "let's go!"

The two then walked over to the arcade.

"Wow", Blue said, "that was a long walk."

"I'll say", Holly said, "we've taken a lot of steps now."

"Now", Blue said, "let's have some fun."

"Alright", Holly said, "we'll spend 10 minutes here, and then we'll head for home."

At the house, Steve Sr. was on Holly's laptop, when Olivia came inside.

"Honey", Olivia asked.

Steve Sr. quickly shut the laptop.

"Have you seen Holly and Blue", Olivia asked.

"They left the house two hours ago", Steve Sr. said, "they're probably exercising no doubt."

"Okay", Olivia said, "I just hope they don't take too long."

At the arcade Holly and Blue stepped out.

"That was awesome", Holly said.

They walked outside and saw that it had gotten dark.

"Gee", Blue said, "we better head home."

"Okay", Holly said.

They began walking home, and found themselves in a dark neighborhood.

"This doesn't look like the way home", Blue said.

Then, they saw a burglar walking towards them.

"Maybe we can ask that guy for directions", Holly said.

They walked over to the burglar.

"Hey, sir", Holly said, "which way to Murphy Avenue?"

"That way", the burglar said.

"Thanks", Holly said, "enjoy your ski trip."

The burglar turned around and walked away, and he tripped, dropping a bag full of jewelry.

"Wait", Holly said, "that guy's a burglar!"

The burglar then began chasing them, so they ran away.

"We've got to get home", Holly said.

They hid inside a trash can, and the burglar stopped.

"They're around here somewhere", the burglar said.

Then, he heard a police car's sirens, and ran away.

"The coats is clear", Holly said, "let's go!"

They walked the rest of the way to their home.

"Man", Holly said, "that was quite a workout."

They opened the door and saw Steve Sr. and Olivia standing there, unhappy with them.

"Busted", Holly said.

"Where have you two been", Olivia asked, "it's nine o'clock at night."

"We were about to call the police", Steve Sr. said.

"Sorry", Holly said, "we got lost, and..."

Steve Sr. then noticed the number of steps on their Fitbits.

"I don't belive it", Steve Sr. said, "you two got 10,000 steps in one day."

"Yep", Holly said, "that's why we were out so long, to get all these steps."

"I gotta admit, I'm impressed", Steve Sr. said, "and as a reward, you can have your devices back tomorrow."

Holly and Blue were delighted to hear this.

"Now, come on", Holly said, "let's have some dinner."

Holly and Blue sat down at the table for dinner.

The End

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