~Kelly is a supporting protagonist for The Construction Boy.~

Bio Edit

Full Name: Kelly The Mobile Crane


Also Known As: Kel, Grandpapa (only by Kevin)

Species: Mobile Crane

Gender: Male

Age: 67

Relatives: Grady Brickowski (first owner), Emmet Brickowski (current owner), Kevin (grandson)

Hair Color: N/A

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Grey

Appearance Edit

Kelly is a navy blue crane with navy blue paint, a cream crane arm, and red lining. His wheels are navy blue with red lining. He has the number "17" painted on his sides in white.

Trivia Edit

  • Kelly originally belonged to Emmet's father, Grady, making him the oldest machine on the Winter City Construction Co. team
  • He likes to listen to old music groups such as The Beatles and The Monkees
  • He is good at heart and gets along with everyone
  • The other machines think of him as their leader
  • Jack and Alfie are the ones who respect him the most

Gallery Edit

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