Keytar Craze is the fourteenth episode of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Lynn develops a liking for the piano after she finds Frank's keytar lying around, and decides that a little music would be worth a try.


One day at the middle school, Lynn was leaving, when her teacher, Burnett Stone, approached her.

"Lynn", Burnett said, "I want to talk to you about your activities."

"What is it", Lynn asked.

"You chose just sports", Burnett said, "look at this, football, basketball, roller derby."

"I like sports and I cannot lie", Lynn said.

"Well it's too much", Burnett said, "you need to chose at least one non-athletic activity."

"Like what", Lynn asked.

"You know", Burnett said, "art, music, stuff that only requires creativity."

"But all those things are boring", Lynn said.

"Well you've got to chose one of them", Burnett said.

Later, Lynn and Luan were being driven home by Lori in her Chevrolet Suburban.

"Hey, Lori", Lynn said, "what do you think would be a good school activity for me besides sports?"

"Well, there's a lot of things", Lori said, "agriculture, Spanish..."

"Those are boring", Lynn said.

"Why not comedy", Luan said, "you'll get a real kick out of it."

At the house, they got in and hears a loud noise.

"Please don't be a plumbing issue", Lori said.

Lori, Luan, and Lynn then saw Lisa playing a bassoon for Luna, Lola, and Lana, with all three annoyed.

"I'm not sure that a bassoon is a good instrument for a rock band", Luna said.

"I see", Lisa said, "now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go up to my room and figure out how to control dark matter for half an hour."

Lisa walked away, while Lori walked over.

"What's this about", Lori asked.

"We're having auditions for our band", Luna said, "Lola's on the tambourine, Lana's on the drums, and I'm playing guitar."

"And how's it going so far", Lori asked.

"Not good", Luna said, "nobody is what we're looking for."

"Well, good luck", Luan said, "you'll need it."

Later, Lynn went into Frank and Joey's room.

"Hey Frank", Lynn said, "I need a little help with my homework, you see..."

But neither Frank nor Joey were there.

"Odd", Lynn said.

She then saw Frank's Yamaha SHS-10 sitting on the bed.

"What's this", Lynn asked.

Lynn pressed the keys and it played music.

"Woah", Lynn said.

She played a few more notes.

"Wow", Lynn said.

She then played "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees, and finished up.

"That was awesome", Lynn said.

She then heard clapping and turned around to see Frank.

"That was pretty good", Frank said.

"Thanks", Lynn said, "I like how it sounds."

"We should come up with a way to constructively use your newfound talent", Frank said.

"And I know just what to use it for", Lynn said.

Meanwhile, the auditions for Luna's band were still going on.

"Absolutely not", Luna said, "what makes you think you're properly equipped to be a part of my band?"

She was talking to Joey, who happened to be a member of The Sensations.

"Next", Luna said.

"That's everyone", Lana said.

"Great", Luna said, "I wasted all my time and didn't find a single fourth member."

Lynn then walked over.

"Got time for one more", Lynn asked.

"I guess", Luna said, "you can't possibly be worse than the others."

Lynn then played "Honey Honey" by ABBA on Frank's keytar, which impressed them.

"Marvelous", Luna said, "absolutely marvelous!"

"Am I in", Lynn asked.

"Absolutely", Luna said, "welcome to the band."

Lynn then celebrated, and Frank came in.

"Nice going", Frank said, "but we're not done yet."

Later, Frank and Lynn drove over to the mall in the Pacer.

"First things first, we've got to get you your own keytar", Frank said.

They walked into the mall and went to Sweetwater Sounds.

"Hello", Frank said, "do you have any good keytars?"

"I think you'll like this one", the cashier said.

The cashier pulled down a red Korg RK-100, which Lynn immediately liked.

"I'll take it", Lynn said.

They paid for the keytar and went back to the house.

"Okay", Frank said, "we got the keytar, now all we need to do is maybe improve your skills."

"How are we going to do that", Lynn asked.

"There's this app on my phone called Yousician that you can use to teach yourself the keytar", Frank said.

Frank handed her his phone, which had the app on it.

"Good luck", Frank said.

Lynn used the app, and eventually became so skilled that she could do it with her eyes closed.

"She's ready", Frank said.

At the middle school, Burnett was grading papers, when Lynn burst in.

"Mr. Stone", Lynn said, "I've decided my non-sports activity."

"Finally", Burnett said, "what is it?"

Lynn pulled her keytar out and played a few notes.

"I've decided to do music", Lynn said.

"And you went with the keytar", Burnett said, "nice choice."

Lynn then heard a whistle and saw Luna, Lola, and Lana in Joey's Volkswagen 21 minibus, which had their gear loaded into.

"Better go", Lynn said.

Lynn put her keytar in the back of the minibus and joined her sisters.

"Time for our first gig", Luna said.

Joey then drove to the first gig for Luna's band, which was called Luna And The Illusions.

The End


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