Lana The Lost is the twelfth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


While accompanying Frank to the mall to buy a new record player for Joey, Lana gets lost.


One day, Lynn and Luna were playing catch in the backyard with Lynn's football.

"Go long, Luna", Lynn said.

"I got it", Luna shouted.

But she missed and the football flew into Frank and Joey's room, where a loud crash was heard.

"Uh-oh", Lynn and Luna said.

They then went inside and saw that their record player was broken.

"Uh-oh", Lynn said, "their record player."

Frank and Joey then came inside and saw the broken record player.

"What happened", Joey asked.

"Well", Lynn said, "we were playing football, and we accidentally threw it in your room."

"It's okay, it was an accident", Joey said, "besides, Frank and I have been meaning to get rid of that old thing anyways."

"Yeah", Frank said, "our Aunt Gertrude pointed out that the needle was a little crooked and the turntable was starting to get rusty."

"That makes sense", Lynn said.

"In fact, I remember seeing a sale for them at the home goods store at the mall", Frank said, "I could pick it up."

"Can I go with you", Lana asked.

"Sure", Frank said.

Frank then pulled out a notepad.

"Is there anything in particular you guys need", Frank asked.

"I could use some more tennis balls", Lynn said.

"A Boston CD would be nice", Luna said.

Frank then wrote the two items down.

"Okay then", Frank said, "let's go."

Frank and Lana got in the Pacer and drove away, and on the way, Frank talked to Lana.

"Now Lana", Frank said, "the mall is very big, so I want you to stay with me."

"Okay Frankie", Lana said.

At the mall, they went over to the map.

"Here's the home goods store, on the third floor", Frank said, "let's go."

They took the escalator up.

"I love riding the escalator", Lana said.

They then arrived at the store.

"Remember", Frank said, "stay close, and don't wander off."

While Frank was looking, Lana heard a bell.

"What's going on", Lana asked.

She then saw a man with a cart selling balloons for five cents.

"I have a nickel from my chores", Lana said.

She then looked at Frank looking at the record players.

"I'll only be gone a second", Lana said.

Lana then went over to the man, but he walked away.

"He's going to be difficult I see", Lana said.

At the home goods store, Frank had bought the record player.

"Okay Lana", Frank said, "let's go."

But there was no reply.

"Must be in the bathroom", Frank said.

Lana had followed the man to the other side of the mall, and then remembered Frank.

"Better get back before Frank realizes I wandered off", Lana said.

Lana looked for Frank, but couldn't find him, and began to cry.

"I think I'm lost", Lana said.

Meanwhile, Frank was waiting for Lana outside of the restroom.

"You done yet", Frank asked.

Then, a different girl came out.

"That's the third one to come out", Frank said, "Lana is not in there."

Later, Lana was walking around, when she bumped into a mall cop.

"Hey little girl", the mall cop said, "are you lost."

Lana nodded her head and cried harder.

"Well, come here, sweetie", the guard said.

The guard picked Lana up and got out his walkie-talkie.

"Officer 1216, tell the boss we've got a lost child", the mall cop said, "I'm taking her to the lost child station right now."

"10/4, you may proceed", another voice said.

The mall cop took Lana to the lost child station, which was brightly painted with a mural of a jungle and had a shelf of books, a box of toys, a table with crayons, paper, and coloring pages, and even a TV with a VCR hooked up to it, along with some VHS tapes of Bear In The Big Blue House, The Koala Brothers, and The Wubbulous World Of Dr. Seuss.

"Now you just wait here while the mall's finest looks for the one you're with", the mall cop said.

"Okay", Lana said.

Meanwhile, Frank had looked all over the mall.

"I've checked the toy store, the candy shop, everywhere Lana probably could've wanted to go to", Frank said, "but she doesn't seem to be anywhere in this mall."

Then, he saw the security office next to the food court.

"Maybe someone there can help me", Frank said.

He then went inside and approached the lady at the desk.

"May I help you", the lady asked.

"Yes", Frank said, "I'm looking for a little girl."

"What does she look like", the lady asked.

"She wears a red cap, murky green shirt, blue overalls, and white sneakers", Frank said.

"I haven't seen her", the lady said, "but I'll ask if any of the mall cops have seen her."

She then talked on the phone with the mall police captain and hung up.

"Good news", the lady said, "one of the mall cops found a girl that is what you described."

"Really", Frank asked.

"Yes", the lady said, "she's at the lost child station."

"Thank you ma'am", Frank said.

Frank ran over to the lost child station and saw Lana playing with some toy dinosaurs.

"Frankie", Lana asked.

Lana then embraced Frank, with tears in her eyes.

"Oh Lana", Frank said, "I was worried that I'd never see you again."

"I'm sorry Frankie", Lana said, "I saw a man selling balloons, and I wanted one, so I went to buy one with my nickel, but then I got lost and..."

Frank patted her back and she cried into his shoulder.

"There there", Frank said, "I'm just glad you're safe."

Later, Frank and Lana finished up their shopping and were heading to the parking lot, when they saw the balloon man.

"Wanna get a balloon", Frank asked.

"Yes please", Lana said.

They then walked up to the man.

"One balloon please", Frank said.

The man untied a blue balloon and gave it to Lana.

"Here you go", the man said, "you're the last customer of the day."

Lana paid the man and he walked away.

"Here", Frank said, "let me tie that balloon to your wrist so it doesn't float away."

Frank then tied the balloon to Lana's wrist.

"Now let's go home", Frank said.

Frank and Lana went out to the parking lot.

"And next time, tell me when you're going somewhere so we can meet up and make plans later", Frank said.

"You've got a deal", Lana said.

Frank and Lana got in the Pacer and drove home.

The End


  • Lori, Leni, Luan, Lucy, Lola, and Lisa are absent in this episode.
  • This episode is the first time where Frank is called "Frankie".
  • This is also the first time Frank and Joey's Aunt Gertrude is mentioned

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