Leni's Art Show is the eighteenth episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


Leni wants to buy an expensive dress she saw at the mall, so she enters an art contest where the grand prize is $10,000.


One day, Lori and Leni were in the mall.

"Come on", Lori said, "I hear there's a sale at the dress shop."

They went into the dress shop and looked around.

"Found anything", Lori asked.

"Yes", Leni said.

There, in front of them, was a beautiful turquoise dress.

"It's so beautiful", Leni said, "I want it!"

Lori looked at the price tag and saw the price.

"I hope you have ten thousand dollars", Lori said, "because that's what this dress costs."

Leni pulled her wallet out of her watermelon slice purse, and saw that she didn't have enough.

"You didn't happen to bring your checkbook, did you", Leni asked.

Later, they were driving home in Lori's Chevrolet Suburban.

"I wish I could afford that dress", Leni said.

"Think about it, Leni", Lori said, "do you really need that dress?"

"I can't stop thinking about it", Leni said.

She then imagined some pedestrians wearing the dress, and was disturbed when she saw an obese man wearing it.

"There's an image I'll never get out of my head", Leni said.

Later, they arrived back at the house.

"There must be some way to get the money", Leni said.

Leni went inside and plopped down on the couch.

"Hey, Leni", Frank said, "how was the mall?"

"Terrible", Leni said, "I saw this really cute dress that I want so badly, but it costs ten thousand dollars."

"I think I know what can help you get the money", Frank said.

He then walked away and came back with a poster.

"Daphne's mom is holding an art show at the community center this afternoon", Frank said, "the prize is the same as what that dress costs."

Leni then became exited.

"Of course", Leni said, "I'll enter the art show and win that prize."

"Great", Frank said, "let's go."

Frank and Leni went outside to get to work.

"Now", Frank said, "the first thing you need to know is that there are no mistakes in art."

"So that means it'll be perfect", Leni asked.

"Yeah, sure", Frank said.

"Then let's do it", Leni said.

They walked over to Fred, who was painting a picture of a nearby church.

"Hey, Fred", Leni said, "whatcha painting?"'

"A church", Fred said, "it's my entry in the art show."

"Perfect", Leni said, "I'll do a painting."

"Be my guest", Fred said, "I'm almost done."

Fred then put the finishing touches on his painting.

"There", Fred said, "one church complete."

"Yay", Leni said, "let me try!"

Leni painted a picture of the church, but it looked like a little kid painted it.

"Wow", Fred said, "I doubt anyone else will enter something like that."

"You're right", Leni said, "it's because it's ridiculous."

Leni sat her painting down and sat on the doorstep.

"Cheer up, Leni", Frank said, "what Fred was saying is that your art is special."

"But it looks nothing like his", Leni said.

"Maybe we should try something different", Frank said.

They walked over to where Steve and Joe were making clay pots.

"Hey, guys", Leni said.

"Hey, Leni", Steve said, "we're making pots."

"Wanna join", Joe asked.

"Sure", Leni said.

Leni then sat down.

"So here's how it goes", Joe said, "you place a piece of clay on the turntable, and you mold it as it turns."

Joe demonstrated, and his pot was shaped like a pyramid.

"Wow", Leni said, "that looks hard."

"Yeah", Steve said, "it took me an hour to shape my pot like this."

Steve showed Leni his pot, which was shaped like a cone.

"Wow", Leni said, "let me try."

Leni tried shaping a pot, but it turned into the shape of a pretzel.

"Wow, a pretzel", Steve said, "no one could ever make a pot shaped like that."

Leni then felt sad.

"Cheer up", Frank said, "it looks great."

"Yeah", Leni said, "but it's still not what I was going for."

Frank then checked his watch.

"We better get to the community center", Frank said, "the art show starts in half an hour."

They got into the Pacer and drove to the community center.

"Now", Frank said, "I'm going to show you how to draw a portrait of yourself."

"Great", Leni said.

"Now", Frank said, "first, you need a picture of yourself."

Frank pulled a headshot of him out of his pocket.

"Now", Frank said, "you have to make sure you get every detail right."

Frank carefully drew on the paper, and the picture was perfect looking.

"Like looking in a mirror", Frank said.

"Let me try", Leni said.

Leni took out a picture of herself and drew quickly, but the picture ended up looking like a Picasso.

"Wow", Frank said, "that's some drawing."

"Seriously", Leni asked.

Then, Daphne's mother, Elizabeth, led some people into the hall.

"Leni", Frank said, "it's time for the art show."

"What's the point", Leni said, "I'll never win with those pieces of crud I made."

Leni sat down, and Elizabeth approached her.

"Hello", Elizabeth said, "are you Leni Loud?"

"Yeah", Leni said, "why?"

"I wanted to know what you were entering in the art show", Elizabeth said.

"I don't think I have anything to enter", Leni said, "I tried to do a painting like Fred's, a pot like Steve's, and a drawing like Frank's, but it all didn't look anything like art."

Elizabeth inspected Leni's pieces of art.

"Leni", Elizabeth said, "you are the winner of the art contest."

Leni was surprised.

"Really", Leni asked.

"Yes", Elizabeth said, "there's so unique, nothing I've ever seen before."

Leni was happy.

"Ladies and gentlemen", Elizabeth said, "the winner of the art competition, Leni Loud!"

A man handed Leni the check for the money.

"Yes", Leni said, "new dress, here I come!"

The next day, Leni walked out of the dress store with her new dress in a box.

"Finally", Leni said, "the dress is mine."

Leni walked away to meet up with Lori.

The End


  • Joey, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, and Lisa are absent in this episode.

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