Leni's Instructor is the twenty-first episode of the first season of The Hardy Boys And The Loud Girls.


After Leni fails her driving test for the fifteenth time, Joey decides to step in and help her study for her next one.


One day, Lola and Lana walked over to Joey.

"Hey, Joey", Lola said, "can Lana and I have a ride to the petting zoo?"

Joey began laughing, but soon stopped.

"Oh wait, you were serious", Joey said, "sorry girls, I can't."

"Why not", Lana asked.

"Frank's out of town with Luna, Luan, and Lynn, and me and Lori have our hands full here", Joey said.

"What about Leni", Lola asked, "she took her driver's test today, maybe she can drive us."

"Maybe", Joey said.

Joey walked outside and saw Lori talking to Leni.

"This is the fifteenth time you've failed your driver's test", Lori said, "you've wrecked my car for the last time."

"But I'll never pass my driving test", Leni said.

"I'm sorry, Leni, you get no more chances", Lori said.

Lori walked inside and Joey walked over to a crying Leni.

"Now I'll never get my driver's license", Leni said, "with Lori gone, everyone's given up on teaching me."

"Is Frank still mad about the swimming pool incident", Joey asked.

"Yes", Leni said.

Joey felt bad for Leni.

"Tell you what", Joey said, "I haven't tried teaching you yet, so I'll help you."

"Really", Leni asked.

"Yep", Joey said, "come on."

They went inside and sat down as Lori walked out the door with Lisa.

"I'm taking Lisa to the science center", Lori said.

"Okay", Joey said.

Lori and Lisa left, and Joey showed Leni a picture of a car dashboard.

"This is a dashboard", Joey said, "can you identify the parts of it?"

"Yes", Leni said, "the spinny thingy, the blinky blink, and the keys."

Joey face palmed.

"Close enough", Joey said, "let's try a test drive."

"Wait", Leni said, "I need my special driving outfit."

Leni went upstairs and walked back down wearing a turquoise dress, skirt, gloves, tights, and white boots.

"Now we can go", Leni said.

Joey took Leni outside, where Lola and Lana were waiting with the former's princess car.

"Here we go", Lola said, "try and drive my car."

Leni squeezed into the car.

"How do you start this thing", Leni asked.

"Turn the knob shaped like a key in an ignition slot", Lana said.

Leni did what Lana said and began driving.

"Where's the blinky blink", Leni asked, "and the brake?"

"This is a toy car", Lola said, "it's for kids."

Leni then bumped into the mailbox.

"This is not going to work out", Joey said.

Joey took her down the street to where a golf cart was parked.

"I rented a golf cart just for this occasion", Joey said, "driving it is similar to, if not just like, driving a real car."

"Great", Leni said, "let's go."

Leni got into the golf cart and Joey started it up.

"Alright", Joey said, "step on the gas."

Leni slammed onto the gas and they began going fast.

"Stop", Joey said.

Leni stepped on the brake, and the cart came to a halt.

"First lesson", Joey said, "only use one foot for the pedals.

"Why one foot", Leni asked.

"You can't gas and hit the brakes a the same time", Joey said.

"Okay", Leni said.

They continued driving, and Leni drove by a stop sign.

"Why didn't you stop", Joey asked.

"No one was coming", Leni said.

"You should always stop at stop signs regardless if someone's coming or not", Joey said.

"Okay", Leni said.

It took a while, but Leni managed to drive the golf cart without making mistakes.

"I did it", Leni said.

"Great", Joey said, "now you're ready to drive a real car."

"But Lori won't let me drive hers", Leni said, "and Frank took the Pacer."

"I know", Joey said, "that's why we're taking the travel van."

They walked over to where Joey's Volkswagen 21 minibus was parked.

"Alright", Joey said, "let's go."

Leni started the minibus and they drove away, while Lola and Lana waved goodbye.

"Don't drive like my twin", Lola said.

"And don't drive like my twin", Lana said.

On the way, Leni stopped at a stop sign.

"So far so good", Joey said.

Leni used her turn signal and turned left and arrived at the DMV.

"Looks like the only place to park is between those two sedans", Joey said.

Leni parallel parked between the cars and got ready to take her test.

"Wish me luck", Leni said.

"You've got this", Joey said.

Joey waited for half an hour, and Leni came outside.

"How'd you do", Joey asked.

Leni took a deep breath and pulled out a driver's license with her picture on it.

"I passed", Leni said.

Joey was happy for Leni.

"I'm so happy for you I could kiss you", Joey said, "but I won't, since I already have a girlfriend."

Leni got into the minibus.

"Take us home", Joey said.

At the house, Lori had arrived home with Lucy.

"Thanks for taking me to the poem reading", Lucy said.

"Don't mention it", Lori said.

Then, the minibus pulled up, and Leni and Joey got out.

"You passed", Lori asked.

"Yes", Leni said, "I can drive!"

"Congratulations", Lori said, "I'm sorry for giving up on you."

"It's okay", Leni said, "I forgive you."

Lola and Lana came outside.

"Leni passed", Lana said, "now we can go to the petting zoo!"

"Here", Lori said, "you might need these.

Lori handed Leni the keys to the former's Chevrolet Suburban.

"Thanks", Leni said.

"No problem", Lori said, "just bring it back with a full tank."

Leni got into Lori's car and drove Lola and Lana to the petting zoo.

The End


  • Frank, Luna, Luan, and Lynn are absent in this episode.
  • Leni gets her driver's license in this episode.
  • Innuendo: Lola and Lana yelling "Don't drive like my twin!" is a reference to drunk driving.

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