Leona is the deuteragonist for Hanging Out With Maya.

Bio Edit

Full Name: Leona Kathryn Busterfield


Also Known As: Lil' Sis

Species: Lion

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 30, 2012

Age: 5

Relatives: Theo Busterfield (father), Cleo Busterfield (mother), Lionel Busterfield (older brother), Maya Beeatrix-Busterfield (adoptive older sister)

Hair Color: Gold

Eye Color: Yellow

Skin Color: Light Brown

Appearance Edit

Leona always wears a wooden necklace and a bead to hold up a small tuft of her fur.

Trivia Edit

  • Leona shares her birthday with Australian musician and actor Murray Cook, best known as being part of the children's band The Wiggles, which he was with until his departure from and replacement by Simon Pryce in the group in her birth year
  • Like Maya, she has a fear of snakes, but unlike Maya, she is more tolerant of non-venomous species
  • She also loves to listen to her older brother play his guitar.